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Support of Web Standards - 4th Blue Beanie Day

Blue Beanie Day - John W. Furst
John on the Fourth Annual International Blue Beanie Day

Today, on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010, the Fourth Annual International Blue Beanie Day ought to remind the Internet community to stick to Web standards.

It will make on-line life so much simpler then.

Imagine how much easier development could be if you could trust your code to work on all major platforms.
  • It's a call — an outcry — to the big guys like Google and Facebook to make sure their APIs, widgets, and plugins are within the standard and pass validation.

  • It's also an outcry to the standards committees to adopt innovative ideas and integrate them into the standards more rapidly.

  • Two examples:

    • The relatively new social plugins from Facebook, e.g. LIKE button, comments, …, does not validate to the (X)HTML(5) standards.

    • Same is true for the embedded YouTube Player.

  • And I could go on, and on, and on …

  • You might say it doesn't matter if a website doesn't validate 100%. However, one could detect true and serious issues with the code with less hassle in the absence of all those defacto standard violations.

Please, participate by doing the following:

1. Take a self-portrait wearing a blue beanie (toque, tuque, cap) and upload it to the Blue Beanie Day 2010 (↑) pool on Flickr.

2. Add a blue beanie to your social network avatar on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

3. Write a web standards haiku and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #bbd4 for your chance to win web design books from Peachpit and A Book Apart in the Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest.

4. No blue beanie? No time for Photoshop? Try (↑) to the rescue!

Have a nice “standard” day.

John W. Furst


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That's a fun idea. I am not sure if it will change anything. I see so many sites and services and even products that come with sloppy code that doesn't even follow the simplest conventions.

It is a miracle that browsers are that much forgiving.

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