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Webmaster Articles Carnival - December 03 2007

Welcome to the December 3, 2007 edition of Webmaster Articles Blog Carnival!

Carnival Loogo

My name is John and I am your host. This edition is packed with a great variety of articles. You'll meet “old friends”, as well as new fellows in the carnival scene. I am hosting this carnival for the first time, and I was pretty much impressed by the high quality of the submitted posts and Blogs. No problem with Spam Blogs (Splogs) at all. Might be the technology part of this carnival that doesn't attract so many spammers as compared to the business related carnivals.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Each of the 41 articles below is handpicked. I suggest that you do not only look at the articles, look at those Blogs, too. I have found a lot of great recent posts on those Blogs, too. Check it out. Maybe this carnival should be run at least every month. My comments are open, so just say what you think.

Question of the day: Who will be the next host for this carnival?
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Volunteers preferred. :-)

You also can submit your article to the next edition already. More info at the bottom of this post.

We have the following categories today: Design, Monetization, Traffic-Building, and General

The links to the posts and Blogs will open in a new browser window. By the way: The posts are ordered somewhat arbitrarily and don't reflect my preferences. Leave a comment here about what you liked most.


Anthony Williams presents Reduce Bandwidth Usage by Supporting If-Modified-Since in PHP posted at Just Software Solutions Blog, saying, “Supporting If-Modified-Since and Last-Modified HTTP headers can reduce your bandwidth requirement for repeat visitors.”

Paul presents CleverWorkarounds » SharePoint Branding - How CSS works with master pages - Part 1 posted at CleverWorkarounds.

Maria Fernandez presents How to view PDFs with forms on a Mac posted at Learn a foreign language - Blog, saying, “How to view PDFs with forms on a Mac.”

Zac Garrett presents Wordpress Sucks, Use Serendipity Instead posted at Zac Garrett :: Technology Geek, saying, “Reasons to use Serendipity instead of Wordpress”

Kate Blogs presents My Top 11 Tools posted at kate blogs about writing & web design, saying, “A quick round-up of my ‘must have’ blogging and design tools - what are yours?”

Artdian presents Tips on how to Speed Up Your Photoshop - episode 1 posted at Skool of Arts.

Monertize YourBlog presents How To Enable Expandable Post Summaries On Your Blogger Blog posted at Monetize Your Blog, saying, “Pros and Cons of Expandable Post Summaries and how to implement them on Blogger.”

Samir Bharadwaj presents The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships posted at, saying, “Is your website layout or blog template remarkable, and why it should be.”

Yuri presents Use Words on Your Site Correctly: The Complete Guide posted at Improve the Web, saying, “People should use words correctly on their websites for other people to read them well and do what they want on the website.”

Sutocu presents 7 Steps to Profitable Website Planning posted at Your Website Profit.

Vandelay Website Design presents 40 Resources for WordPress Theme Designers posted at Vandelay Website Design, saying, “A collection of resources for WordPress designers.”

Jones Hansen presents Free smooth Vector graphic collection posted at tutorials blog.

R. Pettinger presents Guide to Moving Wordpress Blog to New Host posted at Net Writing, saying, “Some tips on moving blogs.”

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Terry Dean presents 18 Possibilities to Build Your Unique Selling Position posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Christine presents Me, My Kid and Life: The Single Mom and The Cost of Starting an Online Business posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France, saying, “Making the money you need to live the life you want! This article is specifically geared toward single moms and stay at home moms who want to start an online business without needing start-up capital. It's written by a single mom who has made 100% of her income online for the past several years and who is raising her daughter in France supported by her online income. If I can do it, anyone can do it!”

Sarba Raj Bartaula presents Make Money Online posted at Sarba Raj dot com - Tips for Webmasters and Online Money Makers!.

Robinson Go presents 8 Killer Ways to Skyrocket Your AdSense Revenue posted at Advice, saying, “Effective. Innovative. Killer.”

Aahz presents Get Paid For Your Non-Sponsored Blog Posts Too! : Philaahzophy posted at Philaahzophy.

James Alenteal presents How about THIS response booster: 26.7% Conversion Rate! posted at James Alenteal's Conversion Rate Clinic. It's a short post, but nevertheless it shows two different conversion boosters used by Terry Dean and Ryan Healy

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Rodney Burge - Marketing Strategies presents How Important are Blogs to the Media? posted at Lori Prokop - Keyboard Culture, saying, “Free publicity is a great way to get your message out to the world, attract new customers and make money online. To get free publicity for your blog, products or services, you need to get the media’s attention. In this blog post by Keyboard Culture Expert Lori Prokop at it’s amazing to see how much the media is depending on blogs.”

Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury presents Search Engine Optimization Tips to Build Traffic posted at SEO Consultant India - SEO Kolkata, saying, “Tips on how to get search engine spiders to crawl you blog and index the site completely. Also tip son how to improve rankings through organic SEO.”

Raj presents posted at MT Herald Dot Com. Check out his other Blog posts, too. Like his recent post “Importance of Backing Up Blog Regularly.”

Steven Lohrenz presents Giving Is the Beginning of Receiving posted at Steven Lohrenz, saying, “The best way to build a community is by giving away little things to your readers. Here's a list of ideas for giving to build your community.”

Sagar presents The Digg Toolbox: 70+ Digg-related Scripts, Tools, and Tutorials posted at Virtual Hosting.

Carl Galloway presents 4 Must Use SEO Pointers for Bloggers posted at Carl talks blogging and making money online, saying, “Use these solid techniques to increase your search engine rankings and boost traffic to your blog.”

Robinson Go presents How to Rank #1 in Google through On Page Optimization posted at Advice, saying, “Rank #1 in Google now and get loads of traffic! This is a recommended resource for your readers.”

Amy S Quinn presents 17 Specialty Search Engines Every Web Developer Should Bookmark posted at Virtual Hosting.

Derick Thomas presents Lesson - Patience for Webmasters posted at, saying, “This article deals with the patience needed for Webmasters. This is from my personal experience when I launched this blogged and waiting this blog to be indexed by search engines.”

Chris Crompton presents The Link Not Taken? posted at Chris Crompton, saying, “Getting more traffic to your site. Why not use my script that finds Wordpress blogs with comments enabled and a ‘NO NOFOLLOW’ policy.”

Jim presents 15 Minute Link Exchange Strategy posted at The Kaizen Business. Users of the Relusi Link Directory Software should read this.

Karl Sultana presents High pagerank one way links for you! posted at OutRankSmart Blog.

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Cassanova presents Graphic solutions for web developers. posted at SEO is always welcome !. Check out the cool Traffic Plugin in the sidebar of this blog. It shows the location of visitors as they show up on the Blog.

Danogo presents posted at - Discover. Inspiring . Media

Desinet1 presents Get a Free Backlink from This Blog posted at Web Tools and Tips, saying, “I am starting my own way to build some crucial backlinks, which should appear to be natural and organic to Google. They will be helping both your blog, as well as mine. Just, send me the URL(s) to which you want a backlink, alongwith the keyword(s) of your choice for every URL. I will accommodate it within my next few posts.”

Jones Hansen presents How-to-promote-through-videos posted at seo Online marketing blog. Don't waste your time! Submit your promotional videos only to popular, high traffic sites. There are a ton of them.

Jones Hansen presents posted at tutorials blog.

Niharika presents The Mobile Productivity Toolbox: 100 Resources to Keep You Productive When on the Move posted at Articles.

Pushpa Sathish presents WebDev Rage Hall of Fame: 10 Hilarious (and Familiar Sounding) Rants posted at Virtual Hosting.

Terry Dean presents Secret Ingredient in Your Business posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Wakish presents Upload your own image on the Internet, can you? posted at Wakish Wonderz.

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That concludes this edition.

Please, help us and eachother to spread the word and take some time to give feedback via comments, trackbacks, and use the social bookmark tools to further promote articles that you have liked. Thank you.

Also, special thanks to the Carnival organizer Matt Harzewski. He has also hosted the previous edition of October 01, 2007 (↑). And thanks again to Mary S. (, who had created the logo and did the ‘dirty’ work of typing.

John W. Furst
Creative Director - fcon21
Carnival Loogo

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Thanks for the inclusion of my post (nickname desinet1).

I am loading it at my list of top 14 bookmarking sites.

fisker on :


That was a very innovative thing to do. Are you going to organise something like that again ??

John W. Furst on :


Thanks for your comment. Check out the Carnival Schedule at

This carnival is hosted every 2 month. So far the next issue beginning February 2008 is not setup, yet.

Anyway, sign up to my newsletter in the upper left corner of this page. Then I'll let you know in advance, when I plan something interesting for this blog. --John

Kate on :


Thanks for including my post! And for paying a visit to my blog :-)

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