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Answer: Who Will be Your Coach?

In a previous post, “Who Shall Be My Coach?” I have asked James D. Brausch a question about, how you can choose a good mentor and good products that truly help you build and grow your business..

James has answered my question, as well as others. It is worth reading. Go and check it out here. Mine was #10.

Answer Time (↑)
James D. Brausch (

Have you read it? Already?

Don't cheat on me. Click the link above and then come back here.

What do you think? Do you feel the experience? James is a straight shooter. I'll keep reading his blog and will refer to it from here from time to time, again. Actually, when reading his blog, which I recommend, you become more and more interested in his products, don't you.

But, as James writes: “DO IT!”

No matter how much you learn,…, how many tools you buy,…, unless you put it to use, you won't get the results, you wish for.

Actually you will see, that once you get into gear, you start developing new ideas automatically. Write them down for later, make a plan, and stick to your plan. Do not use the time that you have committed to work on your business
for anything else, not even for learning.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Back to work. This was fun.


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