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Sad Story About The Million Dollar Secret

John Furst
John Furst
If you are in the Internet business you might have heard about the legendary Mike Filsaime (Butterfly Marketing System and more recently The 7-Figure Code). Yesterday Mike wrote a longer blog post telling us his thoughts about people, consumption, and most importantly the betters ways to make money.

The sad part of his story is, as Mike says, “People are just not willing to learn. Give a hungry man a pole, teach him how to catch fish, and he will complain to you.” That's how Mike builds his article in a very interesting way. It is fun to read and it contains a very valuable lesson.

That's the good part (for you) in the story. You can and should take advantage of this knowledge, it will help you to make more money. Well, don't expect a turn-key-solution, you are (hopefully) of the learning breed. At the very least you recognize the truth in the story with a smile and you will apply its consequence in a strategic way in your business.

The core of the story — people don't want to learn, rather spend money — applies to many more scenarios among others, like people don't want to sweat (at work), don't want to wait in line, don't like to go to stores of the average folks …

Mike talks about entrepreneur's point of view on consumers. Take it to your advantage and think about the selection of services and products that you are offering. There is always room for some upgrades and improvements, isn't it.

Mike Filsaime
Mike Filsaime
Now, go ahead and read Mike's full article,

Fish, Poles, Boxes, and Buttons … WTC? (↑).

When I started out consulting on the Internet in 1996, I basically provided a custom made turn-key, push-the-button solution to my first major client. This solution grew over time, had survived various managers, IT personell, operators, and was in place for over 11 years. I agree, don't waste your time with bean counters. Get to clients with the big budget. It's more rewarding in any aspect of the work, not to say money is everything.

The only problem with consulting: You cannot leverage it, unless …
(I keep that for a future post.)

John W. Furst


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Descartes on :


I agree that people are not willing to learn and worse- they are will to fight to the death for their right to remain *stupid*.

Oh well, makes it easier for the rest of us, right?

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