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Free Traffic For Your Blog With BlogRush

BlogRushJohn Reese, a master mind of the Internet marketing community, wrote on his blog,
“… Tonight We Make History! …”.

  • What is all about?
  • Who is John Reese?
  • Will he hold his promise?

His new platform BlogRush - Blog Syndication Network has been launched this morning.

BlogRush is a free service that will help any blogger to generate more targeted traffic and readers for their blog. As you can see (left sidebar, top), I already have installed the JavaScript Widget on our blog.

The first association that I had, when reading about how it actually works was: “That reminds me on Google AdWords/AdSense, but with major differences”:

  • The service is free.
  • The service is much more easy to use.

You could be done with those easy steps in five (5) minutes. Than you sit back and wait.

Stop! No, of course you don't sit back and wait. You maintain and nurture your blog, because with or without traffic you won't get anything (like money) out of your blog, unless it has good content anyway. The BlogRush Syndication Network is for quality blogs, only. Low quality blogs, and especially spam blogs will be thrown out of the network as quick as they have signed up for sure.

The very interesting aspect of BlogRush is, how you are able to leverage the number of blog readers that you have. John Reese talks about an exponential growth possibility.

Indeed, all sounds very promising, and I urge you to be part of it as soon as possible. You don't have anything to loose. The Network has been launched with beta status, which is kind of normal for a project of this size. They will tune it and tweak it under real world conditions.

Don't wait any longer!

Go to (↑), watch the video, sign up, and tell all your blogger friends.

BlogRush Logo

Personal note: Forgive me, if I sound to “hype” about this, but I believe that the spirit of BlogRush is to-the-point. Try any other social networking traffic generation method or traffic exchange and you will learn that there is much time (wasting) involved with those. Of course, we have to wait and see, how well it will deliver, but you have to get started first. Get started now.

“John (Reese)!
Thanks for your sharing.”

Finally I am closing this post, but not without telling you, who John Reese is. If you never have heard about him, continue reading.

John W. Furst

P.S.: John Reese is best known for his legendary US$ 1,000,000 — 1 million dollar — pay day. He managed to sell 1 million dollar worth of his new product on launch day. That's incredible and has not been seen before. John is also very well known for sharing his knowledge with the community. He is called a Super-Affiliate, Guru, ...

The fact is, when someone like John Reese brings out a new platform for free traffic generation to blogs, then you can expect almost with certainty that it will work (or he will have it fixed till it works as promised).

Convinced? Sign Up Now! It is free. (↑).



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Andy Beard on :


Hi John, I do aim my content for more advanced readers but beginners can benefit and are free to ask questions.

Hopefully the content updating and matching will start working effectively, as that was always a major problem with some of the other similar widgets.

John W. Furst on :


Hello Andy, your blog consists of 'solid substance' (just wanted to say that).

Indeed, it looks like some tweaks and fine tuning are required before links and blog content will match better. However, to sign up as early as possible is the best advice one can give right now. Adios.

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