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BlogRush Credits - Math Explained

Some find it difficult to understand the credit system behind

BlogRush (↑). Let me try to explain it, now. I actually needed a piece of paper to scribble on, before I “got” it in such a way, that I am able to explain it to you.

When having the widget installed on your pages, you serve headlines from other blogs to your readers. Five (5) different headlines with every page impression. Your readers might find some titles compelling enough to click through to some featured blog occasionally. The other blog gets another reader this way, at least for the moment. Whether the reader can be retained is a totally different story and will mostly depend on the quality of the blog and whether the headline was shown in the right context.

John Reese (↑) — the mastermind and founder of BlogRush — is someone who preaches,

“You have to leverage … You have to share …”

His spirit is deeply …

… implemented into this new platform. While you earn credits for displaying the widget on your pages, you also received credits from BlogRush users, who you have referred. Not 1 level, but 10 levels deep. Yes, someone, who has signed up under someone, who signed up under, … … under someone, who signed up on your page or with your link can bring traffic to your blog.

This sounds like traffic could indeed exponentially grow or a pyramid-scheme that could implode quickly? What is it?

Don't worry the first one is true, because it follows the critical rule,

“You cannot give more than you have.”

Let us check on that. On most blogs you see one-to-one copies of John's (Reese) writing about, how it works. I'll break it down for everyone, who might have trouble to understand this.

For simplicity we assume you just had 8 page views on your blog. For now it does not matter where they came from. We also assume that thousands of blogs are already signed up for this syndication network, which is true. Currently the members area does not show any reports about your sign-ups or credits, yet. I guess, the majority of sign-ups will be either directly or via 1st, 2nd, 3rd tier. Probably some have managed 10 tiers to this point (?). Just follow below, as I explain the Math.

• 8 page views on your blog mean that you'll receive 8 credits and your blog headlines will appear 8 times on other blogs. That's the 1:1 fair exchange. You display and you'll get displayed.

The users that have signed up under you, work independently, but they contribute to your credits. You earn credits, while you sleep. But that gets confusing for some folks. Instead of focusing on how many credits you get from your line, I think it is easier to follow through what does happen with your contribution to the network.

You have displayed 8 x 5 = 40 blog headlines so far or — in other words — you have contributed 40 credits to the pool. What happens with them?

• You get 8 credits for yourself (as said above)

• 8 credits are distributed to the user, who signed you up (tier 1)
• 8 … (tier 2)
• 2 … (tier 3)
• 2 … (tier 4)
• 2 … (tier 5)
• 2 … (tier 6)
• 1 … (tier 7)
• 1 … (tier 8-)
• 1 … (tier 9)
• 1 … (tier 10)
Sum = 36

This is a total of 36 credits that go to you and others. The small amount of four (4) are kept in the network to be sold or given away as bonus. That's the 10% (4 out of 40) that shall finance the network.

Right now in this early phase and even later on a lot of credits go into the network directly as well, because not every user has or probably will ever have tier 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, ... users below the line. But, of course you should strive to get as many referrals as you possibly can get.

The big leverage happens with having 5 headlines displayed at once, that increases the exposure and makes it possible to earn more credits from your “line of users” than by yourself. All of a sudden you might realize that helping others — your down-line — with getting traffic will have more impact on your stats than working just for your own sake.

It's definitely too early to evaluate any long term effects, but I think — just from looking at the setup — BlogRush has been designed to

  • create additional traffic between blogs,
  • distribute it evenly,
  • and targeted

This equalization will drive some traffic from the big blogs away, but it won't hurt them, because those guys/gals have already learned how to convert traffic into loyal readers and it will flow back to them, since traffic will be kept inside the Blogosphere.

It will give the small, new bloggers a shot.

What it can give you is more exposure. However, the quality of your blog will determine, how much of that traffic you can convert to loyal readership. Don't be afraid of having users click away from your site. If your site is great, they will have bookmarked you, subscribed to you already. If not, they don't need a link on your site to leave it, do they.

What should you do?

  • Write compelling, persuasive post title, people want to click. Deliver the subject in your post well.
  • Continue to promote BlogRush and have it on every single page of your blog.
  • Help the folks of your down-line with their traffic, it'll come back to you.
  • Read Andy Beard's more detailed tips: “Blogrush - 7 Critical Mistakes (↑)”

Update: Some Critical Tones

There are a lot of more critical voices out there in the blogosphere as well. I think one should know about both sides of the fence. Some claim that it will not work for the average, small blogger, and others say that the main purpose of BlogRush is to generate leads for John Reese's next product, He might even sell the data he is collecting with the BlogRush widget. I give two well written posts as example.

John W. Furst

Note to Andy Beard: As an European early bird, just as yourself, I have signed up directly just reloading the BlogRush homepage (↑) from time to time to find out, when its ready, even before I read John's (Reese) post that it has actually been launched. Sorry for not being in your downline.

Update on 2007-09-22 01:50+0100: John Reese announced on his blog that the color scheme of the widget can be configured shortly. Read his post: Introducing BlogRush ‘Flavors’ - And More News (↑)”


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Andy Beard on :


John no worries about not being in my downline :-)

This type of promotion is always fun and it just goes to show the power of a solid viral promotion idea.

John W. Furst on :


Andy, you are the blogger reporting the best results as far as I have seen. But your are already quite famous and managed to sign up very early. Of course, I would like to see proof that small bloggers benefit from it as well. First people already remove the widget, but I think that is definitely too early.

Andy Beard on :


Today I blocked 3 Wordpress blogs because all they contained were the default "Hello World" post.

If a blog can get impressions with absolutly no readers, that mean the credits above the pyramid are being shared out, as per John's email

The 70+ visitors I received so far are not fully reflected in the stats that just started showing, but it seems like they have also not been releasing all the referral credits.

Stats are suggesting a 0.5% CTR

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