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You Need Some Carnival

'Blog Carnival' in Rio de JaneiroLast week a couple of posts from my “E-Biz Booster Blog” have been published in Blog Carnivals. For some reason I did not receive any trackbacks from those publications. So I think this is a good opportunity to describe what a Blog Carnival is.

What is a Blog Carnival?

A Blog Carnival is a particular kind of blog community. Most communities rely on users voting for a Web site, a Web page, a Blog, an Article, a Video, an Image, etc. In many cases users are also motivated to leave a comment about the resource they are voting for. Items with high popularity will usually appear at the top of the user rankings.

Examples for social bookmarking sites include: (the main Authority for Blogs),,,,

You find a more complete listening in the “+ Bookmarks” button. If you like what you read, please, use those services to help the article gain more exposure and popularity.

A Blog Carnival is different, because there is an editorial process involved. It works like this:

  • The publisher (editor) of a Blog Carnival collects posts and articles about the topic of his Blog Carnival. Platforms like “” help to stay organize and give blog owners an easy to use interface to actively submit their articles for consideration.
  • Then the editor selects the best or all articles and puts them in a single post, the so called issue of this Blog Carnival. Some editors add their own comments, while others basically create a link page with information from the blog authors only.
  • Once the current issue has been published, participants usually exchange comments and readers benefit from new resources.

The advantage of a Blog Carnival is that many blog authors cooperate to boost the popularity of the Carnival and the participating Weblogs. Once a Carnival has been established it is often hosted on alternating Blogs.

A popular platform for organizing those Carnivals is (↑)

Now let's show you the other Blogs that used my articles in their Carnival. Look for “John W. Furst”.

Enjoy reading
John W. Furst


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