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Touch It - Do It - Get It Done - Part 4

Time ManagementToday I am releasing the final issue — Part 4 — of my series of articles about time management.

Last week I have spent some time on explaining how to create a “to do list” with six important tasks each day to increase your productivity. Now we need to create a schedule for our day and fit everything together smoothly.

An important aspect is setting your priorities straight and if done right, you are able to get the “most” out of your time. What is the “most” for you? Money, better health, less stress, growing your business fast, or working less?

In Part 4 I am putting all loose ends together, do a recap of all steps, and tell you, what I am personally using to keep myself organized.

Since this article has 9 pages, I don't publish it on the blog. I have created a PDF document that my newsletter subscriber can download.

If you enjoyed reading the first 3 parts of this series, you definitely will not want to miss the last issue.

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Update: Part 4 of this series is finally available again for my newsletter subscribers, as of March 07, 2008



E-Biz Small Talk on : Touch It - Do It … - Part 4

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Last Friday we finally have published the last article - Part 4 - of our series "Touch It - Do It - Get It Done!" about Time Management. You won't want to miss this last issue as we tie up all loose e...


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