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How To Add A Different Perspective To Your Blog

Earlier I have written about the value of comments and trackbacks for a blog, and I have joined the No NoFollow (↑) movement to show appreciation for my readers' contributions. That's only one side of the coin.

The other side is that you can and should allow other authorities to contribute to your blog. This will bring in some fresh “air”, will organically create some cross-linking between blogs, and your readers will enjoy it. Let me tell you several ways — by no means all — how you can do this. It actually comes down to only two methods in this todays post.

  • Interviews
  • Guest Authors
    Thanks to Chris Garrett (↑) for inspiring this one.


You publish … … the transcript of an interview or publish the audio or even audio and video. Terry Dean has published “How To Record An Interview (↑)”, which gives you a quick start on the technical side of this. Terry focuses on the audio part of it.

Guest Authors

You invite another blogger to write a guest post on your blog. Occasionally you will find reputable bloggers offering to write a guest post for you. It's about exchanging, getting exposed, building and expanding communities, and sometimes, it is about money. Why not? Many businesses pay for content on their sites one way or another. Why should blogs be the exception. You might have some writers contracted already that contribute on a regular basis to your blog content. Sometime you can let in someone “fresh”.

One of the not too many professional bloggers — Chris Garrett — Get Your Post Here (↑) — offers this kind of service, right now. He does not ask for money. Check it out, it is a win-win situation for the author of the guest post as well as for the blog owner.

Okay, Chris!
Please, feel yourself being invited as guest author on the E-Biz Booster Blog. Shouldn't be too hard for you to pick a topic that fits here.”

I just read Chris' “Is Blogging a Passive Income? (↑)” or commented on Andy Beard's “Why Blogs Suck (↑)”. Chris might want to get into the “Why blogging for making money, if it requires so much maintenance?” question. “Chris, however feel free to write about whatever comes to your mind — that fits here :-).”

That said, I am curious about the outcome of this — my — experiment with Chris here. What's the experiment? Well, Chris will learn about this invitation only via Technorati, where it should show up in his profile.


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About a week ago I wrote “How To Add A Different Perspective To Your Blog” (↑). I mentioned Chris Garrett (↑) — a professional Blogger, who currently offers to write guest posts on the Blogs of and for his readers. To


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