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Why Should You Write A White Paper?

Because it works [period].

That's kind of too short an answer. So let's start from scratch and define what a White Paper is and what it can do for your business. By the way it does not matter if it is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) marketing what you are doing. A White Paper works in any situation. However, the tonality, the voice, the look and feel will be different.
  • A White Paper offers your prospect solutions to their problems.

  • It makes the reader curious about what you have to offer.

  • It features a strong call to action to “talk” to you.

  • It shows your expertise, but it's not a sales pitch, not a disguised product brochure, it does not “talk” about how great you or your company is.

  • Most importantly: A White Paper must not be boring. It is not a dry technical document, nor thesis.

Offering free White Papers is part of a strategic education based marketing approach that sets you apart from many competitors. By offering information that focuses on the problem of the prospects, you gain trust, credibility, expert status (if the White Paper is written properly).

For example, if you sell some sort of Time Management Software Tools, you should advertise a White Paper on Time Management. That way you get a shot in setting the buying criterion for Time Management Software. I am assuming that you are selling a high quality software product.

Teach the prospect about Time Management, teach what kind of tools could be helpful with Time Management, and write about what features such good software should have and how to use it. However, don't forget the White Paper must not be too long. It's one piece in your marketing effort.

Buy setting the buying criterion properly you can make your product stand out.

Usually you get terrific response, when advertising problem-solving information and you also build your credibility as a quality source of information, instead of “just another peddler.”

If you want to learn more about White Papers, check out what my colleague Perry Marshall does. He is an expert in his field of Guerrilla - White Paper - and AdWords Marketing (↑).

This article has been featured in the first edition of the new Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship (↑) at Bootstrapper (↑)
This article has been featured in the Virtual Assistant - Internet Marketing Carnival (↑) at Business Services, ETC (↑)

Have A Nice Weekend
John W. Furst


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Erin Blaskie on :



I featured this post in our latest blog carnival. Here is the link:

Thank you!

Erin Blaskie

Business Services, ETC

steve on :


I agree with the principles, however if you are a reseller, surely it's just emphasising the need for a product, they not only could they contact your competitors but also the other resellers of the same product. The only way I can see to avoid this is to have a very strong call to action, but surely then we are in the realms of a sales document anyway.

John Morgan on :


A good white paper always works

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