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Camtasia Studio - Screen Capture Video Software For Free

I just came back from a long weekend and found this tip on Steven's Blog at (↑).

Yes, you can get Camtasia Version 3 for free from Techsmith. Optionally you can upgrade this to the latest Version 5 for just $149, which is a rebate of $150.

Check out the details and put some screen casts online.

P.S.: What is Camtasia Studio About?
From the promotion page:

Easily record your screen to create compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations ... without ever leaving your desk.
  • Capture everything you see on your screen
  • Edit and enhance the videos - pinpoint cursor movements with special visual effects, perform sophisticated moves such as highlighting, zooming, and panning, and even record what you draw on the screen
  • Share in the industry-standard AVI and streaming media formats

Camtasia 3 is a great software to get started.
Camtasia 5 offers some advanced features, like:
  • For the first time, publish videos and MP3 files for portable media players - even iPod!
  • Share with anyone, anywhere - including via Flash.
  • Record anything on your screen, including narrated PowerPoints, multiple audio tracks, and webcam video.
  • Edit with sophisticated studio features, including noise reduction and volume equalization.
  • Create interactive videos, complete with surveys, quizzes, and hotspots.
  • Use AutoZoom to display sections of great detail

With the power of interactive Camtasia Studio videos, you can deliver high-quality content anytime, to even your most remote audiences.


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Tony Warne on :


Do you know a time frame for being available in Australia and exactly how easy it will be to use. It looks very good but i seem to struggle even transferring files to my ipod.

Jennifer M. ( on :


Hi Tony! I think the offers is worldwide, I am not in the U.K. and did not have any troubles. Just try it. For the ipod you just have to experiment a bit.

Document Management on :


Hi thanks for sharing. Honestly I did not know about the software earlier. I think I need such tools . I develop software. This is a great tool I think for developing Vedio training help. What is the url of the site?

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