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Ranking #1 on Google - Are The Profits Rolling In?

E-Biz Booster Blog Is Number 1 on Google
E-Biz Booster Blog Is Number #1 On Google
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Are you heading for #1 rankings on Google, MSN, and Yahoo? You should, because it definitely helps your business. However, it is only one part of the equation for a successful Internet presence. In the following I'll tell you how I got it, but probably more important I'll tell you about the other factors needed as well. A #1 ranking on any search engine is meaningless unless those other factors are in place, too.

You might have “heard” the recent stories about quick rankings from online videos. I thought I have to test it and it was a happy coincidence that Rich Schefren's 66 second video contest came along at the same time. What a great opportunity to get started.

At first look at the search results page “Number 1 on Google” for the broad matching phrase attention ebiz (Enlarge the thumbnail in the upper left corner of this post). I made this screen shot yesterday. Today, I am on position #2.

You also will notice the 2nd, indented search result. That mainly comes from having a good internal linking strategy on this blog and the fact that the key word “attention” appears on every singe page of this blog. That's how I have setup the promotion for the Attention Age Doctrine. I'll talk more about this later.

But first let's examine the #1 listening for attention ebiz. You will notice that you won't find my blog by using the phrases separately. Look for attention, which is a very general phrase and you don't even find Rich Schefren on page #1 (I'll tell you why later). Search for ebiz and all you find are results with the term ebiz somewhere in the URL. My Blog does not have ebiz in the URL, only in the title by the way.

But combine those words and you'll find me in a top position. The secret to this are definitely the video submissions I did for the contest. I heavily used the keyword or tag attention with each submission as required by the contest rules. What a smart guy this Rich Schefren is. He let's others work to improve his rankings. So basically all participants are ranking better now for the term attention. It seems like Google in particular loves fresh multimedia content and rewards you for it with better positions on the search results page. However, it happens that obviously none of the participants target the keyword ebiz as I do, too. That's how I reached #1 in this experiment. It is in the combination.

In the opening I said a #1 listening might be meaningless. Why?

It really depends what you want to achieve with your Web site, but since this is an E-Biz Blog, I just assume my readers want to increase their monetary profits. Being #1, means just what it says. You are #1 for a particular search term on a particular search engine at a specific point of time. As I have told you before, I am already knocked down to position #2 as I am writing this.

In order to benefit from a #1 listening and increase your profits, you need to make a sales somehow. Be it a product of yours, be it advertising, etc. somebody has to swipe a credit card at some point. Easy to understand, isn't it.

So what's missing in my experiment here
  1. The search term must be something many people are searching for (high volume).

  2. It must be indeed related to a subject that you can monetize with products of your own, selling traffic, affiliate products, sign up for an ezine, etc.

  3. Your Web site must persuade as many visitors as possible to buy. In other terms convert that traffic.

My example lacks point 1 already.

Anyway I wanted to test, how videos can affect your position in the search engines. I certainly was positively impressed. Now I have to go for the “real thing”.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Why is Rich Schefren not #1 for attention? Would it make sense to target it? Probably not, because it is such a general phrase.

P.P.S.: I am also sharing 2 additional tips with my newsletter subscribers. One of them is about the 2nd indented listening. I feel sorry for you, if you have missed it. But it is not too late!

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