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Email Marketing Tips Delayed

Thanks for the emails folks. I know my bi-weekly blog carnival is running late. Good to know that it is missed. Let me tell you what's happening. Yesterday was a very weird day. That's what I got when I tried to get some work done in the evening.
  • -- Site is in maintenance mode
  • -- We are maintaing our database. Please, come back later.
  • -- Blog Carnival Temporarily Unavailable

It never happened to me before that 3 sites I needed, where down at the same time. I simply turned off the computer and did not worry about it. I said to myself tomorrow will be another day.

What do you think did happen today?

blogcarnival offline

Blogcarnival is still unavailable. That's why the edition is late. I cannot run my slick little script that takes the output of InstaCarnival and reformats it for my blog as long as they are temporarily down (they have surpassed the the 12 24 36 48 hour mark already).
[last updated: 2008-08-22 19:05 EDT -0400 as in New York/USA]

Of course I could use the email notifications to assemble the carnival edition. But sorry folks, I won't do that. I already have selected most of the posts I want to feature and added a lot of comments directly in InstaCarnival. I won't do that work again. I am sure you understand.

So, please, be patient.

That's the downside of having your work or documents online. If the third party service is down, you will be down as well.

John W. Furst

P.S. I might not get to it at all today. Since I have other things on my schedule.


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Rod on :


Yes, this is really frustrating. I've been trying for a couple of days to submit one or two of my articles to a carnival. One can only speculate about what's going on, but it must be pretty serious for the site to be down for so long.

Mark on :


That's typical. Always when I'm the most motivated something is not working as usually. Once it's internet connection, next time it's FTP.. then some important site I need to work with :-)

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