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Bad Future For Email?

Who is Jim Kukral?

Jim Krukal on Stage [Photo] Jim Kukral is a web marketer, speaker, long-time award-winning blogger, customer evangelist, writer, online monetization expert, and well, a bunch of other things. Yeah, he’s done a bit of everything.

For years Jim has been working on the bleeding edge of web marketing and business. From owning his own web firms to consulting for some of the world’s largest companies, Jim Kukral has experienced just about everything web related you can think of. That’s why Jim has become one of the Industry’s most sought after consultants and public speakers.

Jim focuses on helping businesses… (more about Jim Kukral)
I have a lot RSS feeds in my Google Reader, but I keep it manageable by cleaning out on a regular basis. One feed that I added rather recently is Jim Kukral's Blog. And I am happy that he finally made it into my reader.

Jim publishes daily videos called “The Daily Flip”. His latest one caught my attention. It's called,
No, Email Isn't Dead… Yet

Jim plays along with me in my age category, but he suddenly reminds me and everybody else who watches the flip…
  • Your future market might live on another cloud already.

Did you ever observe how people in different age groups communicate?

You should! Those communication habits are heavily influenced by social groups. In most cases nobody could anticipated those developments. E.g.
  • SMS (the short messaging service between mobile phones) were a technical gimmick.
  • Twitter
  • Messaging on Facebook, MySpace,…

The point is, a marketer needs to observe social phenomenons and be aware of changes. The old saying remains to be true:
“You are not your market!”

If you want to reach out to your market, you need to behave like one of them, and eventually become one of them.

Now check put Jim's video flip: No, Email Isn't Dead… Yet

John W. Furst

P.S.: Thanks Jim for your insight and the reminder.


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Cindy King on :


I posted a link to this post in my Sunday Blog carnival at: and I stumbled this post.

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TigerTom on :


Email marketing ain't dead, if you can get past the spam filters [ho hoh!]

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