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Tribes - A leadership book written by Seth Godin

Seth Godin got into the habit of doing something special with every book launch. His latest book Tribes is accompanied by a private social network Seth had created in August. Currently has 3662 members.

The inside of the book cover of Tribes shows the avatars of some members of this network. You will remember that I wrote, “I got an invitation from Seth to join his network”. Yes, I am in. However, I did not make it on the cover… To bad. Not really. I just created a video showing all 3,662 members in 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

Watch this.

©2008 by John W. Furst for E-biz Booster Blog

Are you inspired?

You should be. This book is about marketing and leadership, about leadership and marketing, about tribes.

Check it out now.

John W. Furst


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I am not sure, if I promised that I will continue to write about Seth Godin, but I do it anyway. Yesterday I have revealed a podcast about Seth's latest book Tribes. Today I will feature a TED talk related to his book “Purple Cow”. The talk

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John with Tribes - The Book It is Saturday, October 25th, 2008. A special day. Today I have started and finished reading Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us written by Seth Godin. That's why it is a special day. The book is dense While reading, you fe


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seth godin on :


Pretty clever John!

The reason your picture didn't make is that I didn't use triiibesters, I used pictures of blog readers who sent them in in April or May.


John W. Furst on :


If I were on the back of the book cover, I most likely would never have had the idea for this video. The Triiibesters seem to love it :-)

thank YOU.

Shallie Bey on :


John, thanks for sharing your thoughts about Tribes and your video. Actually, I was curious about the inside cover pictures. Through your effort, I now have the answer.

I finished reading Tribes this morning. I have been sharing it with everyone with whom I have spoken today. Thanks also for being a leader as a member of the Triiibes initial group.

Shallie Bey

Smarter Small Business Blog

John W. Furst on :


Yes, it is indeed a remarkable book. Very dense, very revealing. I am also listening to the audio book read by Seth. Really a book that you want to takes notes from.

Seth Godin was right, when he said earlier, "the book is different than what you think." What a surprise it is. What a gift.

Let's make the decision and say, "YES!"

Appreciate your comment.


Raymond E. Foster on :


Very cool video.

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