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Email Marketing Tips - Edition 10

Update on Feb. 8, 2013: Deleted all entries with outdated tips or broken links.

Welcome to the tenth edition of email marketing tips on October 1, 2008.
Without much ado… Today I can offer you the following categories:
  • Strategy
    Chris Garrett's Series About Email Marketing For Bloggers
  • General Tips
  • Code Of Practice
  • Copywriting

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Chris Garrett presents Email Marketing Tips: Getting More Email Subscribers posted at Chris Garrett on New Media, saying, “Always target the best sources of motivated, interested subscribers, not just where you can grab handfuls of names.”

John's comment: Chris gives you a handful sources of good potential subscribers. Check it out! Thanks again, Chris.

general tips

Mike King presents Protect Your Social Media Profile For YOUR Future posted at Learn This, saying, “Do you really want to put all that personal information out for all of those people?”

John's comment: Not exactly about email, but it nevertheless touches a sensitive area of data protection, identity fraud, etc.

Code Of Practice

That concludes this edition. Submit your Blog article to the next edition of email marketing tips using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our Email Marketing Tips Index Page.

Next continue with the eleventh edition of email marketing blog carnival. The eighth edition has been hosted at a different blog but has been deleted by the blog owner in the meantime. Sorry about that.

Contact me, if you want to host an edition on your Internet marketing related Blog.

John W. Furst

P.S.: If you like this edition, check out the previous email marketing tips - edition 9, too.

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The tips you have provided are great and I shall recommend them to one of my friends, as she is in a plan to start up an online business.

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