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Tribes Has Arrived And A Free Casestudy

…free casebook (sorry for the typo).

I have written a lot about Seth Godin lately. Finally his new book “Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us” has arrived. But you will find a surprise on Seth's Blog.

He had asked the people who joined his community to write an ebook. And we did. It's more than 230 pages long, and it's free.

I can proudly report that my story that I have contributed is published in this casebook, too.

“Space Tribe Goes Private For Take Off”
by John W. Furst, page 81f

You might want to check out the landing page that I have quickly made for it at

It was really a great experience to write this piece and to get help from other Triiibesters for improving it over time. I learned a lot by helping others with their stories, too.

You will enjoy to read the book (at least parts of it). Some stories will touch you more some less. Be part of it. Download it and read it.

Get the entire casebook from the link below.

Download CurrentTribesCasebook.pdf
[PDF file, 3.7 MiBytes]

“Space Tribe Goes Private For Take Off”
by John W. Furst, page 81f

Feel free to share it, post it, print it, but please don't sell it.

Let me quote Seth Godin what he wrote about the casebook.
“Context: Three months ago, I posted just once about joining a private online group (it's on Ning... sort of like Facebook, but by invitation only). Well, quite a few people joined in, and about 10% became seriously active. On good days, there's a new post every minute or two. There are hundreds of groups, thousands of discussions and a lot of energy. The triiibe taught me a great deal about the dynamics of a group, and they've been a terrific resource, not just for me, but for each other. This ebook represents some of their thinking. The group remains closed, but feel free to start one of your own.
--Seth Godin”

John W. Furst


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