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What Is Your Best Email Marketing Tip?

Submit your article today.

Since email marketing is more important than ever I thought it's not a bad idea to revive my Email Marketing Tips blog carnival a bit. I have noticed a lot of worthwhile posts in the last couple of weeks.

That means I am also looking for your tips.

Why is email marketing important?

It's the most cost effective medium to “talk” to your members (customers as well as prospects). You are in charge to set the rules. Marketers who rely on their presence on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are playing a dangerous game. It's not their playground. And we already have learned that scumbag spammers are ruining it for everybody all the time.

Email is very old but still a strong performer

Till to this very day email is the most used communication tool on the Internet. Can you believe it it is 40 years old? Older than the World Wide Web or the early protocols of the Internet. Some of you might remember Gopher (Interestingly there are still 125 gopher servers online and even Firefox still supports that protocol. Since I was curious, I tried it out. Gopher was not really a great user experience, but the best at its time.

Gopher Protocol still supported by Firefox and other modern browsers in June 2009.

Back to email. It's even an older protocol. The important point is that you can send people messages on your schedule and you do not rely on advertising to bring them back to see your content or offers.

What is the first step?
  • Obviously you need to get email addresses and permission from your target audience. You have seen opt-in forms on websites in various forms right.

  • You need a service provider (ideally) that manages your contacts and sends your emails.

  • Pretty basic things, but details matter.

  • … more to come of course next week.

Here's the AWeber web interface for their email marketing solution for example.

Now, the perfect time for the tips from my experienced readers.

Submit your recent blog article about email marketing today.

John W. Furst

PS. You can leave a comment too of course.


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