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Web Development 2.0 - Blog Carnival

Web 2.0 LogoOur post Use Safe Identifiers In Your Web Templates has been featured in the Blog Carnival

Check it out, if you wish to learn more about tips and tricks in Web development. This issue contains titles like,

  • “Make Web Site Development Easy”

  • “Why Are CSS Frameworks Important to AJAX Development”

  • “Forget Webcams and YouTube. How I Created My Own Music Video For Free Online in 1 Day”

  • “Get Brendon Sinclair to Answer Your Question Interview Contest !”

Also check out the previous issue of September 08 (↑)” with 10 articles featured.

If you don't already know what a Blog Carnival is, you might get a pretty neat idea from just visiting those pages mentioned above. It gives blog authors exposure to readers of other blogs and enriches the “content” of your own blog by providing useful, moderated, quality resources.

I did not publish much about Web site development so far, but by providing those links above, I give you access to resources that I could not write about myself that much or that well.

Please, do yourself a favor and check it out.

John W. Furst


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