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Key Success Factor Number One: Speed Of Implementation

Ready - Fire - Aim
Ready - Fire - Aim

I warn you at the beginning. This will be a short article. Why? Because everybody of us has work to do. No matter in what position you are. So I will quickly give one of my popular “generic - this helps everyone in every situation” rules. It's not limited to business. All you need is the drive for “getting results”.

Here's the tip:
“Implement your ideas as quickly as you can!”

Are you
  • A business owner (home based, small or large, …)
  • A manager (first level, middle or top management)
  • A freelancer
  • Or simply an employee

Even if you are a student or if you are unemployed, you should get out something from this lesson.

Ask yourself, how many times in your life you had a “great idea” or a “great opportunity”, but you didn't really follow through. Instead you switched yourself into “research mode”. Or in “waiting mode” and never switched to “taking action”. Later you simply dropped the idea. Another, “what would have been, if this had worked …” story is born. Think a little:

What is research, reading, waiting, … worth?
It's worth exactly 0.00 in any currency.
Unless you put it to work.

The sooner you act, the sooner you put your idea into action, the sooner you'll get results. Positive and sometimes negative ones. The important part is you get solid results that help you stir your business ship into the right direction.

“Thinking about it”, “doing research”, “reading”, “waiting” will not give you the answers you need to boost your business with success stories.

Albert Einstein (↑) came up with ground breaking theories about the physical structure of time and space from “pure thinking”, but that's physics and math. The law of physics don't change and Einstein was a believer that everything can be calculated, if the input variables are known well enough. Bad for Einstein, but quantum physics proved him wrong. The “future” is not predetermined due to Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (↑).

Doing marketing and business is for sure more unpredictable than physics. Stop thinking whether something will work or not. You have to do the “experiment”. You have to take a shot. That's the only way to find out.

You can further improve your chances for success, when you mimic and learn from people or businesses, that are already where you want to go. No reason to re-invent the wheel of marketing and business.
Follow success proven path!

But still, you have to act! Do it now, don't wait. Get into the habit of acting and implement your ideas fast. A recent university study in the US has revealed again:
The number 1 key factor of successful business people is:

“Speed of Implementation”

Especially on the Internet, since it has become so cheap to test different ideas.
Get real world feedback. Get it fast, do it now!

Before you say, there is something missing:
  • You don't have the skills to implement it?
    Find someone who has.

  • You don't have the money?
    Well, you are already running a business, aren't you? You already have some basis to work on. I found that many quick ideas are actually about improving something that you are already doing. Little improvements will add up to some respectable results.

  • You don't have the time?
    Start reading my Touch It - Get It Done series of articles about effective time management.

No more excuses, please. Do yourself a favor.

Let me conclude with a personal story from the Corporate World at a time, when I was Product Marketing Manager for a leading Mobile Telephone Operator. One of our staff had an idea for a subscription based MMS — Multi Media Messaging Service (↑), e.g. those little pictures or videos you can send and receive with GMS cellphones (↑). This technology was brand new and only a few early adopters had the latest handsets. We knew it will be difficult to get a “little, cute product” like this approved quickly.

The review and approval process for new products was geared towards voice products which impact millions of customers and move tens of millions of dollars with small changes.

What did we do? We outsourced the development and operations, including payment processing and got started within a week. Viral marketing did the rest. In the next marketing meeting our department showed results:

We didn't have an approved product, but we had paying customers.
Do you think the product was rejected? It was not, even the CEO subscribed to the service later.

Results are selling themselves. Get results, quickly.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Some will ask about details of this study. Sorry, I saw it in a video today, but didn't keep the reference. I rather jumped to have this post written. Break your bad habits and start now. Is it really important, who conducted this study?
  • You could waste your time and search for it on the Internet or
  • You could apply this simple rule and find out that it works. What bad could happen? Even if you have the idea to jump out of the window, it will work, you 'll have jumped out of the window by now. :-)


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Carpentry Jobs on :


I am a quick implementor, but the problem is that I get too many ideas. So, I lose my interest in one even before it has picked up and look for the next. I have not made it big for this very reason

John W. Furst on :


I suggest you read me series of articles about time management, "Touch It - Do It - Get It Done!", it also gives advice on how to stay focused and how to steer your business ship. I have linked to it directly below. Good luck, John

Internship Programs on :


I think....u are quite right.Implementing ideas quickly is the best way to achieve goals quickly.But its not that any idea coming to the mind should be implemented without thinking about facts & actions involved.If you think that the idea can be advantageous to you & harmless to others, as a person.Then you should always give it a try without giving it a third thought.

Dave Doolin on :


Your perspective on speed of implementation is very good. I like how you advocate just getting it done, even if you have to hire it out.

I wrote a post on "Speed of Implementation" last year, and just updated it today. You might be interested.

John W. Furst on :


Thanks for your "late" comment Dave.

I like it when older posts get attention from real people.

(You know the story about those mad comment spam bots

that target older posts)



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