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3 Reading Tips For You

Reading Tips
Reading Tips
I start the new week with giving you excellent reading tips. Yes, I feel a bit lazy today, and I do admit it. However, the content I give you links for is worth your clicks.

In my Get More Done posts I have written about the importance of handling email the right way rather than getting overwhelmed by email. Tim Ferris (↑), author of the 4-hour-workweek goes one step further. He even outsources the handling of all of his email (about 1,000 emails per day) and only spend 10 minutes with it a day. Sounds cool? He even shows you his procedure that works for him and he actually wants you to steal it, modify it, use it for yourself. If you have trouble with handling the size of your inbox, you should learn from Tim.

Even, if you are not ready — but being not ready is one of the oldest excuses for procrastination by the way — you can apply some of the rules to automatic filters, autoresponders, etc.

Here is Tim's post:

The second post I want to bring to your attention today:

This post has already become very popular with 765 Diggs (as I write this) within 3 days. No wonder, because the Blog has about 34,300 readers.

Leo Babauta has started his second Blog recently. You might want to check it out, too.
  • Write To Done ‘dot com’ (↑)

    Hi, my name is Leo Babauta, better known of the Zen Habits blog. I’ve created Write To Done as a way to share some of what I’ve learned as a writer, with new (and experienced) writers looking to improve their craft and their art.

    That’s what Write To Done is about, at its core: the craft and the art of writing.

    But from that core we’ll be covering many topics: journalism, blog writing, freelance writing, fiction, non-fiction, getting a book deal, the business of writing, the habit of writing. And so on.

    What’s my background as a writer? This is the one area I feel confident writing about, as writing has been the core of my being since middle school — for the last 23 years or so. Continue reading … (↑)

Okay, that should be enough reading for you for the day.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Thanks to Aaron Potts (↑) for bringing WriteToDone to my attention.


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Sabine Pyrchalla on :


Hello John,

I'm going to have to check out the 4-hour-workweek. In the meantime tho- another book I like "Getting things done" by David Allen stated about email that you should only "touch" it once - print it, file it, answer it, delete it - whatever it takes -but don't keep going back to it!

Seems like such a simple little thing - but it made my life so much easier!


Jennifer M. [] on :


DON'T print email! It's waste of resources. Most of it will never be used again. Learn to live the digital life-style. Make sure that you have a working backup strategy, though. Unless you are an acountant, you don't need to keep much stuff anyway.

Ultimately your business system will use online forms and databases with no need to keep emails.

By the way: Your "Daily Quotes" on your Blog are really a great thing to have. The one from Les Brown is really a great one. Bye.

Sabine Pyrchalla on :



I agree with not printing emails - it was just one of his suggestions - in case it's something you truly need.

Thank you so much regarding the Quotes. Glad you like them!


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