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Performance Boost Under Pressure

Face Yourself!
It seems that people respect their boss and they do whatever they demand — more or less — in exchange for their salary. That's how this boss-employee relationship works. What can you learn from this for your own business?

Even if you have changed the sides in the meantime and become your own boss, either as owner of your company or manager of a department, you will remember the days, when you worked late or on weekends to meet the deadlines given to you by your superiors. All of a sudden everything became less important: your plans for Friday night, the date with your new acquaintance, the movie premier, etc.

You absolutely needed to finish your assignment, because your boss would not accept any excuse and even could fire you. Even, if your assignment appears to be ridiculous to you.
Your boss is your boss.

I will cut a long story short (… and save your time).

Many tips on personal-development and self-improvement Blogs tell you how to avoid distractions of all kinds to focus on your tasks and goals. Eliminating distractions is an important goal for any aspiring Internet marketer or home business owners in general. Your Internet business in in danger, if you do not learn to control your environment effectively. I gave you some tips in my series of posts about getting more done.

However, this is only one part of the equation. Even without any distractions it is possible that you don't get anything (important) done.

The cure for this is actually quite easy, even though it sounds a bit strange.
“Simply be your own boss, if you are your own boss.”
  • Do you respect yourself or do you accept each and every excuse for not hitting the target?

  • Your daily task(s) should produce measurable results each and every day.
    Your day is not over unless the target is hit.

  • Be mean to yourself and don't accept any excuses from yourself.

  • Imagine you are watched (by a third party boss) and pretend that he or she will check your results at the end of the day.

  • If there is a fault in your procedures, you should revise those as your boss (in the world of employment) should recognize such a situation and give his employees better tools.

  • You will see that your habits will change within a short period of time (less than a month) and that you do not need to be schizoid for the rest of your life. It just helps to shorten the process from being used to receive order to being responsible and accountable.

Does this sound too drastically?
What do you think?
Leave your comments and let us know.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Thanks to The Next 45 Years for featuring this post in the Personal Development Carnival - Issue 28.


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Stef on :


This is great advice, and it's something I've been doing for a while now without realizing it. Once I started working with an assistant at work, I focused a lot more on expecting results from someone else. Eventually, I started holding myself to similar standards and that carried over to my personal work. It has definitely had a positive effect on both income and output.

Pixel Head on :


Sounds like a good plan to me. One I should practice on a daily basis...oops got to go, the boss is really, sometimes you need to have that serious type mindset to get things done.

John Morgan on :


I think that plan will work perfectly. Incentive based performance boosts are money.

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