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Masscontrol and Co - Massive Launches Compared!

Alexa Reach
If you are following “the” Internet Marketing Masterminds you certainly have been overwhelmed by the large amount of free quality information that was given away prior to following product launches lately.

I am talking about the following launches:
  • SMARTS (link expired) from StomperNet
    Pulled off the market for strategic reasons soon after the launch (the story is quite long, I don't really want to blog about it.)

  • Internet Marketing Explained (link expired!) from Armand Morin
    Homestudy course, still available; it's not limited in quantities sold as far as I know.

  • Masscontrol (link expired) from Frank Kern
    30 day class, limited to about 500 people,
    sold out in less than an hour at a ticket price of about 2,000 $

Now, look at the Alexa graphs (screenshot on 2008 Feb 03)

Alexa Reach

Alexa Rank

You might remember John Reese's BlogRush Launch in mid September, and Rich Schefren's product launch ( in December last year. I added them to the Alexa Graph for comparison.

Frank Kern nailed the bullseye with his MASSCONTROL Launch.

Well, done and congratulation!
Or what else would you say?

Now, if you still want to learn Internet marketing from one of the best marketers.
  • Check out Armand's offer in detail (link expired)

Currently (as of today) there are still some of the great bonuses available. Like a live seminar in March, extra videos, … Just go to his sales letter, if you are serious. I believe the bonuses expire or change at midnight. So you want to check this out now (link expired).

Bottom Line
  • If you want to build a new business or improve an existing one, you need to invest in education for yourself and your staff.
  • If you invest wisely, you will achieve a good return on investment.
  • If you only want to play business and see how it goes, of course, than you don't need to do anything.

What I personally learned in life with any discipline is:
“Learn from the best!
It's not inexpensive, but it's worth it.”

John W. Furst
Update: Quote from Yaro Starak of

Mass Control - Email Marketing Tips From Frank Kern Courtesy Of The Biggest Launch In History (link expired).

If buying programs like Mass Control are out of your league, start working towards the day when you can afford to buy these products because you make good money online. Study the free content Frank puts out. Learn from the content itself and also how it fits into Frank’s overall strategy and launch style. It’s compelling stuff if you are into Internet marketing, no matter what niche you operate in.

Yaro Starak
Mass Controlled


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