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Discover Headline Testing Secrets!

Eric Graham - The Conversion Doctor
Here is a valuable tip from me. Check this out!

The Conversion Doctor Eric Graham reveals results from his headline testings that he has performed during the last 12 month. You know, that increasing the conversion ratio of your web site is a key strategy to outperform you competitors and to increase your sales volume.

Eric Graham is a leading authority in this field. Top copywriters like Michael Fortin are saying about Eric,
“I not only listen, when Eric speaks, I also take notes!”

Headline Testing Secrets Revealed!
“Fanatical Tester Pulls Back The Curtain and Exposes The Real World Results of His Most Profitable Headline Tests… ”
( … The boost you'll get from just one of these tweaks will make this webinar the most profitable 60 minutes you've ever spent!)

FREE, LIVE “Webinar”Monday, February 4th, 2008
8:00 - 9:00 P.M. Eastern

  • In this power packed 60 minute LIVE Webinar I'll share my latest and most surprising headline testing results.
  • Simply apply these tested and proven findings to YOUR headlines and convert a much higher percentage of your visitors into buyers, almost overnight!
  • Just a few of the valuable, profit producing nuggets of wisdom you'll see and hear on this breakthrough LIVE, Webinar event are…
  • The single biggest headline writing mistake I see 90% of all websites making. (And it's even being made by those who should know better!)
  • Why to test, how to test and what to test in your headlines to maximize your sales and minimize your marketing costs.
  • The actual, real world results of many of my most profitable headline tests. (And I've conducted over 6,000 of them…)
  • How to test up to 24 headlines (and combinations) at the same time. (WITHOUT having to run the test forever just to see the results!)
  • And much, much more…

There are 500 201 spots available as I write this.

The Webinar is FREE, you only pay your long distance charges. I am calling in from Europe, because I was on Eric's Webinars before, and I know it's worth it.

Here is the direct link.

Update as of Jan. 23, 2010: I became aware of various rumors concerning business practices of Mr. Graham's company. Especially that he doesn't always deliver 100% of the services purchased and did not grant refunds in several incidents. Please, check out Ryan Healy's blog Internet Marketing on Life Support (↑)” for more information. Eric Graham replied in one comment to parts of the accusations. Personally I am neither a customer nor affiliate of Eric just think his information is valuable. It's a pitty. Please, make up your own mind. Thanks.

  • Reserve Your Spot: FREE Webinar: Headline Testing (expired)

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