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Can One Share Overmuch?

Are you a sharing person? Do you sometimes talk too much and someone else catches it and they sell it as theirs? This can happen in business and very much in corporate life. Oh boy, some people would sell their wife, kids, and mother-in-law to get a 3 second spotlight on them in order to impress their boss.

But how much of your ideas should you share with others? I think this can be applied to both the business world and also if you are in a corporate structure. Because, … bottom line is:
“It's all about selling!
Selling products or selling yourself!
(in the corporate world)”

You might be aware of two pieces of advice.
  • Share your best ideas with your prospects and customers... for free.
    --Eben Pagan

  • Keep your best ideas secret.
    --John W. Furst

Sounds like a contradiction!
Not really, all you need to do is to expand the second quote.
  • Keep your best ideas secret… as long as you cannot use them for selling your products, service, talent, whatever.
    --John W. Furst

Wait till you are ready to monetize your ideas and make them your brand. You also can share your ideas in a circle with colleagues, friends, like-minded business people, who you know of won't do you any harm. Because the interaction with like minded, success oriented people (not suckers, and a…) will increase your creativity and productivity.

That's it for today.
I though a short, concise Blog post is better than no Blog post. Right? I hope you find this advice useful. Apropos usefulness! There is a Tip Jar on this Blog.

:-) Just kidding! No, it's actually there.

Some stranger rang my door bell this morning. I opened and he told me the sad story of his family. I felt it's a true story, I could practice (my poor) Spanish, … so I gave him some cash. Made me feel better, and you know what? I forgot that someone actually made me angry this morning.

You should do that too from time to time. (Here's the Tip Jar). Again, just kidding.

I am kind of in a funny mode today, but actually I have to catch a plane to London later today. Little trip to visit my wife, who happens to be there right now. I can't wait to get her back here full-time.

Have a nice day and an even better weekend.



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