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Love Or Hate GoDaddy And Bob Parsons?

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Just in case you don't know, Bob Parsons, is the founder and CEO of, proud Ex-Marine, self-made multi-millionaire and responsible for building and growing his small domain business startup into a world leading registrar. Bob wrote on (his personal Blog, which was actually much more personal in the early days) that it was not easy, and he blew away a fortune, before GoDaddy became profitable.

Anyway, why am I writing about GoDaddy today?

It just happened that I signed into my GoDaddy account to make some changes, and … It's just amazing how well they have integrated up-sell functions in every part of their user interface. There is almost nothing you can do at GoDaddy without being exposed to some sort of product up-sell and cross-sell.

I don't want to go into the detail of that. Many of you will know it anyway, and I want to keep this post short and get to the point quickly. You'll find all sorts of stories about GoDaddy on the Internet that cover the full range of human emotions from pure hate to wild admiration. There are a lot of them, because … Well, GoDaddy is big.

Personally, I can say that they never let me down. I purchased my first domain in 2002 with them and did not have any issue that was any bigger than minor. However, I recommend that you evaluate potential areas of risk with any company you are doing business with — not just GoDaddy — and work on reducing, spreading your overall business risks. Especially, once the cash starts to flow in. Don't let excessive risk analysis prevent you from doing business in first place. Now, to cut the story short…

9 things to learn from GoDaddy
  1. Make the first purchase easy.
  2. Pro-actively up-sell and cross-sell your customers.
  3. Roll out new products on a frequent basis.
  4. Improve existing products on a persistent basis.
  5. Advertising on various channels and do it in a controversial fashion.
  6. Measure the results of all your activities on a daily basis and react accordingly.
  7. Try hard to keep growing and improving! Don't get satisfied with the status-quo.
  8. Automate Your Business As Much As Possible.
  9. Don't forget the fun part for your customers and employees.

Before you leave a comment like, “I hate those up-sell pages on my way to the checkout button”, think, again. I am talking about how you could improve your business! Obviously it works for other businesses, it brings in additional cash.

Would you mind having more cash in your pockets? If not, you don't have to figure out ways how to increase the value of your customers.

Note at the end: I have chosen the title for the purpose of getting more attention. Let's see how it works. But it's really about following proven path and ways to increase your business. I'd love your comments on that. Pure hate comments on the other hand will not be tolerated.

I leave comments not moderated — as usually here on this Blog. Don't disappoint me.

John W. Furst


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Welcome to the February 15, 2008 edition of a make money blogging carnival... John W. Furst presents “Love Or Hate GoDaddy And Bob Parsons?” posted at “E-Biz Booster Blog”, saying, “No matter what your position about GoDaddy is. Be sure there is something you can learn from them and apply it in your business.” ...


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bob on :


Hi great site!

Thanks and peace.

David on :


I wish Bob Parsons would pay as much attention to keeping his long-term customers happy, as looking for attention this way. I used to be a very happy Godaddy customer, but not anymore. ... [shortend by editor]

Carl on :


I'm not a big fan of their service but they sure know how to upsell, that can't be denied. After sales and difficult technical things let them down in my opinion and that should also be a lesson to your readers, admire the upsell but be aware they don't do everything right so try to improve on what they do.

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