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Email Marketing Tips - Edition 1

Update on Feb. 8, 2013: Deleted all entries with outdated tips or broken links.

Welcome to the first edition of email marketing tips on May 28, 2008!

Yes, that's the 1st edition of Email Marketing Tips my brand new blog carnival. I want to fill a void that I feel exists on nowadays.

This carnival is to become a useful resource for readers interested in email marketing. Everything else is of secondary interest to me. Sorry for everyone who doesn't agree with me, but I don't see blog carnivals as mere SEO tool that is used to dump your article to as many blogs as possible. (I know some folks will call me names, because of that)

I believe blog readers will appreciate this focus on quality instead of quantity. Let's see, if I am a dreamer or not. Today I am featuring blog articles about
  • List Building
  • International Marketing and
  • Tools for Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
Now I want to say, “thanks for each and every submission”, but most of them were a bit too far off topic.
“If your post doesn't help the reader directly with issues related to email marketing, it's not used.”

However, it's a good feeling for every editor to have a choice between a sound base of blog articles to work with. That means, if you are not sure whether it fits, submit it anyway. It's the editor's job to make a selection, not yours. And to be honest, the ‘InstaCarnival’ feature of is very effective for making a selection quickly.

I personally will contribute related posts on a regular basis and have already scheduled to host the two following editions of this carnival on this blog. Since a carnival is meant to travel from blog to blog I invite everyone with a decent Internet marketing related blog to host future editions on their blogs (some restrictions apply). Please, contact me, if you are interested.

Notice: My readers will notice, I have changed the link behavior with this blog post.
  • By default links will open in the same window, unless marked with “(↑)”.
  • Use the back navigation button of your browser to return to the previous page.
  • You also can use your browser's feature to open links in a new window or in a tabbed window.

Here are the 5 blog articles that I have selected for this edition. I have written short comments for each one, too.

List Building

You might ask why you should build an email list? The answer is quite simple. It let's you recycle your Web site traffic and gives you the means for communicating to hots prospects at your pace. If you don't build a list, how would you reach those people again, who came 1, 2, or 3 times to your Web site, but didn't buy your product (you probably had to pay for each of those visits).

By building your own prospect and customer lists you create real asset for your business and declare yourself more independent from traffic sources like pay-per-click advertising, the three search giants Google, Yahoo, and MSN, or Web 2.0.

As an email list becomes an asset, you should strive for quality instead of quantity. I mean this in terms of subscribers and in terms of the value that you provide to them. Email marketing works based on value you provide. No value from you, no gain!

Don presents 7 Tips For Building An Opt In Email List For Increased Profits posted at AffiliateWatcher.Com, saying, "Building an opt in email list is a great way to increase sales and readership for your product or website. Here are 7 tips that will help you get started building a winning email list."

Don's post dates back to 2007 and it proves that the principles did not change over time. His blog is up-to-date by the way and covers affiliate marketing. “Thanks Brian”, you were one of the few, who filled out the remarks in the submission form.

International Marketing

Cindy King presents Basic Outline For Cross Cultural Online Marketing posted at Get International Clients.

Many businesses and marketers seem to forget that there are non-technical barriers on the Internet. You can reach people all over the planet via the Web and email in a technical sense, but your point might not come across as intended on the other side. As European I am probably more aware of this, because cultural and national borders are so much closer. Cindy shows in her post what you need to understand in order to improve your multi national marketing efforts.

Tools for Email Marketing

John W. Furst presents Aweber – A Marketing Lesson And Smart Pricing posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, "Are you freaking out? One of the popular Email Marketing Tools provider — AWeber — has new features and new prices. What's in it for you?"

Last but not least, that is yours truly's humble contribution.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Email Marketing Tips using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Or continue with the second edition by clicking here.

Contact me, if you want to host an edition on your internet marketing related blog.

John W. Furst

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Brand new blog carnival about email marketing tips. Seems to be quality instead of quantity submissions.

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Cindy King on :


Thank you for listing my article!

And thumbs up!


Jason on :


Folks are looking for free traffic and they throw it away afterwards. It's a great point to have an opt-in page.

Nice Carnival. Keep it short and spicy please. :-)

Ultra Online Marketing on :


In this day and age, many online business owners have found out the incredible value of productive Internet marketing. Quite frankly, no home based business has a chance of surviving, much less thriving, if they don't comprehend the basics.

John W. Furst on :


The Internet is the most potent money and wealth creation tool, especially for home based businesses.

Knowing the basics is one thing, not following them on a day to day basis is another one.

The investment for building and maintaining an email list of 'hot' prospects in a responsive target market will pay of big time.

Mikey on :


Thanks for the tips, man. I keep watching this.

Elandria on :


Good tips. I am just getting started with email marketing.

Jennifer M. ( on :


We are looking forward to host the next edition and got a couple of already very interesting submission.

Submit your related blog post, too!

Yours --JeM

Larry on :


I agree.. I love newsletter opt-ins. IMHO there is no better way to generate sales leads.

Internet Marketing Tips on :



Internet marketing has the ability to make you very wealthy if you follow a few well thought out and proven internet marketing tips. Make sure to put each of these tips into action and you will see noticeable improvements in your business.

Jamie on :


Nice write up. Keep blogging with any useful recommendation about internet marketing.


andrew on :


Email marketing is really good and I'm getting enough leads with this programme. I'm also using Viral marketing for this purpose and it is working a lot.

hampers on :


Doing legitimate business with nothing in mind but quality service and products is just the same in sending emails of sort. But sometimes, over indulging in this marketing scheme sounds spammy.

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