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Need Results? Are You Disciplined More Than Others?

(Photo: Eben Pagan) Have you ever been frustrated, because business is not moving forward? You are giving it all, but success seems to be far away. Many business people know this kind of situation. Whether as part of a big team that they are managing or as solo entrepreneurs, who run on their own.

In my experience it is even harder for the lonely rider to cope with “lack of success”, because there is no social support by colleagues, no other department, nor the “stupid boss” that you could blame for lack of results. (There’s no big budget to cover up inefficiencies as easily as well.)

From the many different types of businesses an Information Product Business seems to provide many benefits, like
  • low startup cost,
  • high margins,
  • and you don’t really need an office

You and me know that thousands of people try to get their Internet based business off the ground, but most of them give up too early.

Why is that?

They are overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice that’s available (either for free or for sale), they get it all, but what’s missing is the big plan that ties it all together.

The biggest challenge might be how to manage yourself. Once you got yourself under control doing business becomes many times easier. I’d love to give you good advice on how to run your businesses, especially if it is an Internet based business, but I rather refer you to someone, who has a greater track record and who is devoted to teach this stuff.

Talking about managing yourself and your business, you might want to check out the following video.
→ Becoming A Productive Modern Guru (link expired)
by Eben Pagan (~37minutes)

Eben gives you a lesson on how he uses time in his 20 million $ a year info product business. It contains a strong personal as well business message. A business owner or manager is a strong leveraging point of the business. The smother you run, the smother the business brings in the proceeds you are looking for.

Just to give you an idea, what Eben is talking about

Time allocation:
  • 40% traffic generation
  • 20% conversion
  • 10% content and product creation
  • 30% management (time + people + business)

That’s one key element of his business success.

Does this get you interested?

You may like or not like Eben’s style, but I am sure you can improve your performance, when you act on some of Eben’s tips.

Warning: This is not a magic bullet that will make you rich over night. No! Success requires discipline, determination, and work. Watching the video’s or even going to the video blog will waste your time, unless you act on some of the info you get there for free. I guess that’s fair enough.

To make it worthwhile you should tune out any possible interruptions, take notes, and even more importantly, put some of the stuff on your to do list.

But it doesn’t have to stop with time management. You virtually find the blueprint for your successful info product business on this videoblog.

→ Blueprint for a Successful Information Business… (link expired)

7 Steps to financial freedom with your own info, advice product business.
(~2 hours)

One of the key points in his video:
“Find out first what people are going to buy from you, then perfect your business around it. Not the other way around.”


John W. Furst

P.S.: Even though Eben sells his high end coaching program right now, there are no strings attached on his blog.


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Boparai Duleep on :


Many "Guru" tips look too easy, but can make a big difference. Others I cannot relate to, because they are so much fitted for the American people.

[Admin: link to non-english site removed]

John W. Furst on :


Sometimes it sounds to be easy, but still requires a lot of discipline and determination (the key elements).

As far as individual markets are concerned, your local market (India) must be very interesting, and even bigger than the US market, when you look at the number of people. But I don't know how much language barriers are an issue in India. I think that there are probably hundreds of different dialects to consider.

It's similar in the European market. It's huge, but scattered language wise (and legally to some extent). The majority of European Web users prefers content, products, and services in their mother tongue.

However, the basics of marketing will almost be the same (humans are humans), you just need to adapt your message to local customs and language. If you look at some of the Gurus, like Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula), he has a proven track record of working with clients outside the US-market. --Yours John

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