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Rising Above The Internet Marketing Noise - A Strange Thing Happened

Terry Dean's Slogan: “Earn More. Work Less. Enjoy Life!”
I should call this post “Email Marketing Tips - Edition 2 continued”, but that title wouldn't tell much. Indeed a strange thing happened.

When going through the submissions for the latest edition of my Email Marketing Tips Blog Carnival, I though Terry Dean's article about “Cutting Through The Internet Marketing Noise” is fabulous. I emailed Terry right away, thanked him and let him know that it will be in the Carnival.

Then I prepared the Carnival and posted it.

Later in the evening I met with a business friend for a drink and we talked about many different things. At some point I mentioned the Carnival and recommended that he should read Terry's post.

Anyway, he emailed me this morning and asked, “Where's the post you were talking about yesterday?”


I simply overlooked it. Shame on me. I'll correct the mistake in the next couple of minutes, but if you don't want to wait. Here is Terry Dean's excellent Blog article.
Cutting Through the Internet Marketing Noise
by Terry Dean


John W. Furst

P.S.: Sorry, Terry.


E-Biz Booster Blog on : Email Marketing Tips - Edition 2

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Welcome to the second edition of email marketing tips on June 11, 2008. I guess it is a good sign that I have received about twice the number of submission for this edition. Nevertheless I will stick with my personal “call for quality!”


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