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Did You Know About Exponential Growth?

I Just found this video via StumbleUpon and thought you might enjoy it a lot, too.

Those guys certainly have created a viral buzz. The facts presented in the video are …real.

Technology Advances - Did You Know?

What's Next?
Did You Know? (remixed) from Amybeth on Vimeo.

Very dynamic video remix on the progression of information technology and societies. Facts researched by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod. This video also uses a presentation originally created by Jeff Bronman.

The big lesson here is how wonderfully an idea can spread, when you encourage people to do so.

You need:
  • An interesting idea (like the facts we learn in the video)

  • A liberal license. Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial - Share Alike in this case.

    Karl and Scott built a Wiki with background information. That certainly helped spreading the idea and they collected a list of various other presentations and videos (including a parody).

  • Anything else?
    Leave a comment and let us know.

John W. Furst

P.S.:The Internet is full of videos based on their original presentation. Some of them have been viewed more then 3,000,000 times.


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