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How This Awareness Test Can Help Your Marketing

Attention, Please!

Just discovered this little test on Youtube and it made me think. It made me think about marketing, advertising, and copywriting.

Probably you should take the test first. It's easy, the instructions are in the video, and I promise you will learn something.

Take The Test

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Okay, you might say, “I knew this of course.”

Then I will ask you, “Well, but are you using that knowledge to your advantage in business or not?”

This example demonstrates actually a lot…

It seems everybody know that, but so many vendors are not doing it or are doing it wrong.

What is the main point in the video?

What is it that you as marketer must do? Any clue, any ideas?

Let me know in the comments. I will reveal the solution on Monday or Tuesday. And I'll have a little surprise for the one who comes up with the best answer first. I will rather go with the better answer than the earlier one. Just to let you know.

Did I say, I will have a little surprise for you.

Here is the deal: It will be something that helps your business or helps you with your job. I have a lot of things in mind I could give you, but since I don't know you, yet…

This might be probably the weirdest contest ever.

Let's do it.

You don't have anything to loose.

By the way top copywriters do that all the time.

They apply proven principles and move your prospects closer to the desired action. A good copywriter knows that there are hundreds of distraction she needs to compete with. And those distractions are different from medium to medium and market to market.

Being successful with an email marketing campaign does require a bit of different writing style as a classic direct mail piece.

Do you want to be the moon walking bear or the guy whom they give their credit card number?

As I promised, this will be a short note.
Think about it.

And let me know what you think.
Comment below and participate in this weird

No, I have not spelled out the answer here, but you might find it on my blog. But c'mon, it's really easy.

Update Jan 17, 2010

Comment #3 is close enough to the answer I was looking for.

Broomy writes:
“[…] The goal is to always direct and focus the prospects attention in order to get them to take the desired action. […] ”
Well done.

The narrator in the video simply commands the viewer to perform a task. And boom, gets 100% attention.

I will send Broomy an email to find out what I can do for him. Did I say this is kind of a weird contest.

John W. Furst

P.S.: And why don't you just learn more about email marketing or get started?


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James F on :


It gets confusing in a group. Talk or send your message to one person at a time only.

I hope that is it. Let me know.

MillerDan on :


Watch out that you do not obscure important facts. Something like that. OR do not use moonwalking bears. :-)

Broomy on :


What is it that you as marketer must do?

The goal is to always direct and focus the prospects attention in order to get them to take the desired action.

The video is a brilliant illustration. (That or I am just a dumb-ass who was too focused to see the dude in the bear outfit.)

If you are into motorcycles get a hold of any of Keith Code's books. He extensively talks about how you have to constantly force yourself to be more aware. Otherwise your fixation will block out important clues.

John W. Furst on :



I am writing an email to you in a minute.

Talk to you later.


Contest offcially closed.

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