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4 Free Awesome Copywriting Resources

4 world-class copywriters
When we are talking about email marketing, we need to realize, it's not only about finding a reliable email marketing service provider like Aweber. It's not only about squeeze page or not squeeze page, fancy or not so fancy design of your newsletter, your back-end products and so forth.
“Great, awesome copywriting is the golden key!”

It's the words that sell,… and everything around them. Pictures, the layout, and nowadays multimedia with video and audio increase the effectiveness of your words tremendously. Those elements increase the persuasive power of your words and get the reader, listener, or viewer to take the desired action.

Now after you have learned how important the quality of the copy in your message is, you might ask yourself
  • What is good copywriting?

  • How to become better at copywriting?

  • How to find and hire a first class copywriter?
Well, the simple formula to the second question is:
  • See what's working for others in your particular market to get a good starting point.

  • Learn from already great copywriters, they have been being around much longer than the Internet itself.

  • Always do, and never stop testing your copy. The continuous improvements add up exponentially and make the big difference between struggling and succeeding.

You certainly ought to learn more than this. Here are some recommendations for more in-depth coverage of that very important element: Copywriting.

You might not believe how much valuable information is out there for free. However, the Internet is also populated with tons of misleading and wrong information. My tip
Always learn from the best!

The resources below will give you a head start. Stick to them and expand your list of resources from what those guys recommend. From a business standpoint of view it pays off in almost any cases to hire experts or to buy a course that offers specific results.

Here's my trusted list:

Clayton Makepeace's - The Total Package
I have to thank Bob Serling, a World class copywriter himself, for introducing me to Clayton Makepeace, whose email newsletter I am sucking in like a hungry vacuum cleaner since then.

John Carlton’s Big Damn Blog
I started to follow John's Blog quite recently, but fell in love with his natural, like-speaking- style of writing, right away. Hie Blog tag line reads like this: “Insight, tactics, advice and mutterings on copywriting, marketing and living life deep… from the most ripped-off world-class ad writer alive!”

Michel Fortin's Blog
Actually Michel has many other Web site, where he teaches about copywriting issues. You'll find them via this Blog, which has a personal touch, and is a very good starting point.

The Gary Halbert Letter
An unusual style of Web site, with unusually good content. Print out the letters and take it to the porch for studying. You definitely should

Of course there are much more valuable resources out there, but you need to start somewhere. Right? What I don't like about those typical 7, 15, 30, 100 best resource lists! The editors very rarely take the time to filter out the crap. I don't like this and won't give you such either. Why should you do the pick yourself? Your time is very valuable? Follow the best and forget about the rest.

At the top you have 4 quality resources. Start with 1 or 2 and move on from there.

John W. Furst


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Andy Shaw on :


One thing you failed to mention was that sadly Gary Halbert died last year. It was a sad day as I was an avid follower of his work, he will be sorely missed by many in the copywriting community.

added value hosting on :


I have the greates respect for copywriters as I have tried to do it myself a few times and its not easy. You are spot on correct thought that golden sale copy makes all the difference in the world...especially to a flagging campaign.

Great article!

Pablo Rosales on :


Very Interesting article,

I'm learning a lot from your blog :-D

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