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John Reese Buys The Entire Make Money Online Market

[Preview: Traffic Secrets 2.0]
Traffic Secrets 2.0
If you are following the Internet Marketing community for some time, you certainly will have heard about John Reese and his Million Dollar Payday. I have previously written about massive Internet Marketing launches and John Reese's BlogRush widget.

He was the first one, who brought in 1 Million Dollars from a product launch in a single day. This was with his legendary product Traffic Secrets, which sold like crazy for 997.00 US$.

4 years later it's time for John to release a brand new product called Traffic Secrets 2.0, which will go live on
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
at 12:00 EDT (as in New York, USA)

You might have received a lot of emails from John's marketing friends talking about the product and you might also have seen all 3 videos John has released to promote his sophisticated course.

If not, here is the link to the 3rd video and you also find the links to the 2 previous videos there.
Traffic Secrets Video 3
(not an affiliate link)

In this 21 minute long video John Reese talks about
  • the power of software to generate traffic to your sites,
  • he gives tips for hiring programmers,
  • and he makes the actual offer

Again, John Reese breaks all the rules here. (We know he can afford it financially.) Let's talk about the actual offer, I don't mean about the content of the course (watch John's video to find out), but it's supposed to be a
  • state-of-the-art E-learning course that comes
  • physically shipped to you on
  • 12 Cd-ROMs,
  • with workbooks,
  • other printed materials,
  • and a neat case that holds it all together. There's also
  • an online platform which allows to track your progress in the course,
  • online resources,
  • and a members only online forum, in which John's staff and himself will be active

But the killer is that John Reese sells this brand new course for less money than the original one. Here it goes:
  • Free updates to the course during its life-time (years to come)
  • No forced continuity
  • No limited quantity
  • Not a limited time offer
  • No up-sell offer, just one price
  • No first action bonuses
  • No false scarcity of any kind

  • One price: 397.00 US$

When you have watched the major launches this year, the price is the most surprising part in John's offer so far, and all the other aspects… I would say, John and his new company don't follow Jeff Walker's famous Product Launch Formula (at least on the surface), don't follow Stompernet's advice on how to make online videos, .... They create their own set of rules.

Here is my comment that I left at John Reese's Blog:

Why retype it here, when I just can do copy & paste. It's my comment anyway.
Surprise, surprise!

When it came to the price, I also was stunned! **This is much more than a fair offer.**

As Peter Parks already pointed out here, you're going against the common marketing wisdom of all your dear guru friends and don't exactly apply Jeff's classic PLF, do you. ...guess you know that better than anybody else.

You set a signal! A really “generous signal” in those economically quite difficult times. You really prove that you're more interested in helping people out rather than optimizing short term profits. Of course another interpretation could be that you are trying to buy the entire “Make Money On The Internet Market” once and for all.

I wish you success with the launch, which it certainly will be cause the offer is sort of a no-brainer. I also wish all your future customers lots of success. You certainly give them a solid foundation with this educational product.

Yours John
Lately you could read about the importance of transparency in your marketing on John's Blog and he seems to walk his talk. He also mentions that Traffic Secrets 2.0 is the very first product of his new company and that more is to come in the future.

From that, I am tempted to reason that John makes a clever move to try buying the entire “Internet Marketing - How To Make Money Online Market” once and for all. Of course we know that this market is huge, and he couldn't buy the entire market, but he might get a major share of it now, making it harder for everybody else to compete in that market.

In marketing competition is not a bad thing at all, competition creates advance in all aspects and drives development.

I am curious to see, how other major guru marketers will react to this mass market approach strategy.

One thing I am missing so far in the offer (at last from the classic copywriting point of view) is the risk reversal part of it - the guarantee. Let's see what the actual sales letter will tell us on Tuesday. The free updates and product life-time access to the online resources will certainly help to keep return rates low.

What do you think?

John W. Furst

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Incredible offer from John Reese. He means it. If you want to make money online this might be the chance to learn from the master. Will John Reese get away with his "breaking all the rules" style of product launch and buy the entire internet marketing make money online market?


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Maurice Castle on :


I'm compelled to share with you that just moments ago Andy Jenkins of Stompernet Tweeted that he was WOWed by TS2. That said, I suspect JR and Stomper may become the 2 main games in town for Making $ Online.

The pricing is spectacular and should gain a massive sales frenzy, including myself. Too bad his TS2 Forum is private, I missed the old TS Forum from years ago, good people and great content over there.

We will see in 2 days how TS2 explodes, quite a study of the whole thing.

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