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Blog Review in Rapid Paced Mode

Who is doing this “Rapid Paced Blogging Experiment” and the Blog reviews? It's a guy named Fank Carr at his (↑) Blog.

It's astonishing to watch him post more articles in a day than others write in one or two weeks or even one month. Frank has written on his About Page that his goal is to write at least 10 quality articles each day.

He is posting on a wide range of topics — from celebrity, offbeat-news, commentary on general topics to how-to articles and Internet of course, but he even can write well about philosophical concerns.

His articles and posts about the Internet caught my attention though somewhere. Now I remember, it was on Pat B. Doyle's (↑) Blog. Frank wrote a Blog review for her. That's how I found him.

I liked the review and because Frank is currently offering to write reviews, I contacted him. Not only are his reviews well structured and valuable, he writes them for free right now in order to promote his new Blog.

If I am not mistaken he already has 145 articles posted. I better should not add up the total number of articles on this E-Biz Booster Blog for comparison. But I shouldn't feel ashame, we simply have different a mission.

Shortly after contacting Frank the first time I found the review of my Blog online rather quickly. Check it out here: E-Biz Booster Blog Review by Frank Carr (↑).

I am very pleased with Frank's review. He really did a fantastic job. He gave me some praise, but he also pointed out some areas that definitely need improvement.

In the past I did much more academic and technical writing, so I am happy that the content itself got some good points. I still tend to come up with complicated sentences, should further increase my vocabulary, and get those commas right. Frank didn't say that, but I know and I'd like to.

I am confident that I will be able to tackle the technical issues much earlier:

  • Loading Time

    Having the main content loading first, which is quite a challenge with a fluid design and those widgets on the left side. Most people have it on the left side, because it is much easier to do. I presume. But I am someone, who needs a challenge. Anybody who is reading this is invited to contribute a CSS based template that could do the job. It will be better for SEO purposes as well.

  • Pingbacks

    I also must support Pingbacks, which become more and more popular among the new WordPress installations. Pingbacks are the best way to avoid Trackback Spam. More and more people have turned Trackbacks off, which means my Blog cannot automatically communicate with a growing number of Blogs in the Blog-O-Sphere, which is mostly a “WorldPress ruled World”. That is a major issue, but unfortunately also a major software upgrade. Not really such a big deal, but we'll do it on a development server first.

    Pingbacks (not to be mistaken with pinging a Blog post announcement server) seem to replace Trackbacks altogether. Pingbacks are said to be more robust against spam and give the Blog that publishes the Pingback as comment more control. Wikipedia has a quite good explanation of the different types of Linkbacks (↑).

Thanks Frank for your terrific review and advice. I really appreciate it.

If you want your Blog reviewed as well, check it out (↑) before it is too late.

John W. Furst


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Frank C on :


Hi John,

Thanks for reviewing my review.

I haven't hit 10 posts every day, it's been more like 7.5 posts a day although I should hit my goal of 200 posts by Nov 1. In contrast, my VB.NET blog has 156 posts and it's been active since May. I'll probably slow down at some point but it won't be for a while.

John W. Furst on :


It was my pleasure. Keep up with the good work and the World will be yours. --John

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