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Money: Does It Work For You?

What I mean is quite simple: “Does your Money work for you?” Most people will answer “No, I am working for money!”

A pure capitalist will say that you need to pile up a lot of money, before you can retire and enjoy watching your pile of money continue to grow. So start to save early and once you have a nice sum, let's say 1 or better 2 million British £ Pounds(*) you take it to the bank, invest it in a great business. And …

… The alarm clock is ringing. It was a dream, now you get up, dress, and go to work — for money? In a very good month you are saving 200 or 300 £ (which probably is quite good), but again the next month, there is nothing left at the end of the month.

You quickly see that you need to follow a systematic approach on how to pile up a nice sum and get it to work for you.

Professional Blogger Chris Garrett has written an excellent series of articles about “Making Real Money Online” this week. He is not only a gifted writer, so check out his series:

Chris Garrett
The series: Making Real Money Online

  1. What Type of Earner Are You? (↑)
  2. Spending to Earn (↑)
  3. Expanding Your Operations (↑)
  4. Making it Happen (↑)
  5. Confidence and Taking the Risk (↑)

Check out those articles and say “Hello” from me at Chris's.

John W. Furst

(*) I picked British Pound, because they simply buy much more right now. The story feels even better, then. I would love to take in more Pounds than Dollars nowadays. Well I am working on it and there is Euros, too.


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