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Recording: Easy FTC Compliance Seminar - What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step

Serial Entrepreneur Robert Skrob
Serial Entrepreneur Robert Skrob

The recording of a free tele-seminar call from last Thursday is online now.

Easy FTC Compliance Seminar – What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step (↑)

The host Robert Skrob (↑) discusses with his guests — both experienced lawyers in Internet respectively direct response marketing and related fields — Peter Hoppenfeld (↑) and Michael E. Young (↑). If I remember correctly the call is about 1 hour 12 minutes and packed with great information.

They do not simply rehash general information that’s already circulating on the Internet about those new FTC guidelines in effect since December 1, 2009 in the USA. This is an advanced call for experienced marketers.

Actually they start answering real world questions from their members right away.
Not only that I was listening live myself, I also had submitted a question which was answered during the call.

For privacy reasons I only reveal the exact question and answer to my newsletter readers early next week. You still can sign-up. It's FREE. Look at the top, right corner of my blog.

This recording of the FTC Compliance Seminar (↑) is certainly a very good compliment to Jim Edwards FTC tele class which I have reported about a little bit earlier.

Other questions:
  • Do the regulations apply to B2B commerce as well?
  • Do I need to change the name of my product?
  • Can I use those “[…]” testimonials?
  • What's the typical result? Most of my customers don't do anything?
  • How can I determine typical results?
  • I am selling from abroad. What do I need to do?
  • My business is brand new. Any tips?
  • Etc., … and much more.

Absolutely no need to freak out but you need to be aware of and need to comply with if you are selling anything in the USA.

Here is a summary of what was covered (from Robert’s page):

  • The exact details you need to look for when you review your sales pages and presentations.
  • Words you can use in your tele-seminars and webinars to comply with endorsement rules.
  • The steps you should take to protect yourself from liability from the actions of your affilites.
  • The documentation you need to organize for testimonials you use in your marketing.
  • The one thing you should have been doing all along, that you probably haven’t ever done before, that’s suddenly more important than ever.

No Worry, Easy FTC Compliance Secrets

Special Call For the Information Marketing Industry (↑)

And take out your notepad to take notes.
  • Make 2 columns
  • Left one for notes
  • Right one for action steps

That will make best use of your time.

And once again, the call is free, you do not even need to sign up with your email address. How cool is that?


John W. Furst


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Joe H on :


Hi thanks for this. Its interesting that 3 weeks after the ftc change nothing appears to have changed in the real world. It will take a couple of people to be hit before we see any real compliance.

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