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Todays Lesson: Burying BlogRush Syndicate

BlogRush Alexa Rank
Hype About BlogRush
It started out with a big, big rush around September 15th 2007, when legendary Internet marketer, guru, self-made multi-millionaire John Reese, fired up his revolutionary BlogRush network. Everybody and their mother was blogging, tweeting, and talking about it. The big run on BlogRush showed the size of John's tribe. His brand new site approached the 1,000 Alexa ranking mark within a couple of days.

Nothing to buy, nothing to sell. The service was free and should deliver a lot of highly targeted traffic to everybody's blog. All you needed to do was to install the widget.
The promise:
Lots of free traffic fast especially for smaller blogs

Some wrote this new blog syndication network were not as revolutionary as John tried to sell it to us. Others claimed to know that everything John touches will turn into pure gold.

I pulled the widgets from my blogs very soon after it had launched, but I repeatedly gave it another try, when John said, they had just improved the network. But again, no sufficient results for me and most likely not for anybody else.

It seemed to work only for the bigger blogs. Not for the small ones.

Since yesterday we officially know it did not work out.
  • It did not deliver for anybody
  • John finally pulled the plug.

The only way to find out, if an idea is working or not is to do it.
--John Reese

John did it, he tried.

The man, who gets an average of 2,001,032 visitors a day to his large network of Web sites (yes, that's roughly 2 million a day) could not make this work.

As this was a service everybody in the Internet marketing world and blog-o-sphere was talking about, was it remarkable?

The launch was certainly remarkable, the service itself with all the shortcomings turned out to be just another widget. Just another way trying to interrupt blog readers.

In that sense it was not remarkable.

Now it is history. Here is what John had to say.
John Reese“… I expect that there will be many BlogRush critics that will rejoice in hearing this news and relish in saying, ‘I told you so’ and that’s fine. At least I had the guts to take a risk and to at least give the idea a try. I’ve become a successful entrepreneur (online since 1990) because I am not afraid to fail. I’ve had many ideas that didn’t work, and this one certainly won’t be the last.

I know that my overall success is a direct result from taking action and trying a lot of things. THAT is the real secret to building wealth.

In regards to BlogRush, many of my blog readers might remember when I came up with the idea at 4AM and even made a blog post about it. You never know when a great idea might come to you. So always be prepared to be ‘ready’ for it.

But most importantly, be ready to TAKE ACTION and at least TRY, or nothing will change in your life.
John Reese

Have you taken action today?

John W. Furst

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John Reese decided to shutdown BlogRush. However, it was worth the try. Lessons learned: Only by doing something, you find out, if it works or not. Read John's note of resignation.


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Mark Knowles on :


Hey - even Seth Godin gets it wrong some times. Just because it is remarkable, doesn't necessarily make it any good.

I used it and found it worthless, but all power to John for trying something new.

John W. Furst on :


You are so right. I'd even say, not even God gets it right all the time. What do you think? :-)

Darlene Norris on :


I tried BlogRush too, but wound up taking it off because it was giving me headlines that had nothing to do with my blog, not to mention it wasn't bringing in any traffic.

I agree with John that if you don't try, you'll never get anywhere!

Dave Bean on :


I tried it for awhile after it started. I did not get any increase in traffic. So, no positive advantage. And the negative was that it was a way for a viewer to exit without making a "money click".

Tom Volkar / Delightful Work on :


"I know that my overall success is a direct result from taking action and trying a lot of things. THAT is the real secret to building wealth."

Enough said. We make money by having the willingness to make lots of mistakes.

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