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Email Marketing Tips - Edition 12

Update on Feb. 8, 2013: Deleted all entries with outdated tips or broken links.

Welcome to the twelfth edition of email marketing tips on October 29, 2008.

Once again the Web site of has been down already for more than 24 hours. is down, again.

I decided to keep up with the schedule and at least post Chris Garrett's series and the Code of Practice. All posts that have been submitted for the current edition will be considered for the next one.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I know that sucks, but makes studying this edition more easily.

Since this is the smallest edition ever published, I probably get you to read Chris' post. Very powerful stuff. You really should not miss it. If you haven't tapped into Chris Garrett's series about Email Marketing for Bloggers before, take the time and read his articles. They are really excellent.

  • Chris Garrett's Series About Email Marketing For Bloggers
  • Code Of Practice

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Chris Garrett's Series About Email Marketing For Bloggers

I present you Email Marketing Tips: Email Testing posted at Chris Garrett on New Media. Chris is saying, “You have two choices, fire and forget or incremental improvement. If you opt to make your emails more and more effective then it is worth investing the time and effort to work out why some emails perform better.”.

John's comment: Chris series does not leave out any details. It means work, but who told you making money on the Internet were about hanging out on the beach all day long. I certainly did not.

Code Of Practice

That concludes this edition.

Next continue with the edition 13 of email marketing tips.

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John W. Furst

P.S.: If you like this edition, check out the previous email marketing tips - edition 11, too.

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