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Tribes - A Review by John W. Furst

Tribes by Seth Godin
John with Tribes - The Book
It is Saturday, October 25th, 2008. A special day. Today I have started and finished reading Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us written by Seth Godin. That's why it is a special day.

The book is dense

While reading, you feel the huge amount of observation, deep thought, and the tedious work that Seth Godin condensed into this little, tiny book.

The book might be tiny in format, but like the matter of a neutron star, it's heavy. Really heavy stuff that weighs a lot more than you probably can imagine.

No, no, wait!

I don't want to scare you away. It's fun to read this book, and it's a quick read, too. What Seth wrote sticks.

It might take a second read to sink in, but it will stick. He is a reporter telling you about so many people, who “made it big” by leading a tribe. A tribe is a group of people with a shared interest. A group of people waiting to be lead, waiting to be connected to each other. Leading a tribe is a proven way of marketing. In an age where attention has become so scarce leading your tribe might soon be the only way of doing marketing successfully.

New Internet technologies, like Twitter and Facebook make it easier than ever before to connect people and to grow your tribe. You can publish a blog within minutes at no cost and geographic boundaries, don't have the same meaning anymore than they used to have 10 years ago.

Become a Leader

Leading your tribe might not always be easy, but it is easier than you think. And you will learn so much on your way, when leaving the status quo behind. And you will be rewarded.

I don't care in what industry you are working, what education you have,… All you need to do is say, “YES”, say it loud and say it often.

My blog readers know already that I am one of Seth's members. As such I received a lot of information about the book. From Seth personally and from other members. From members who already have read the book, too.

Seth Godin said, “The book is not about what you think it is about.”
--Seth Godin

I was a bit skeptical, but nevertheless remained curious. Now I have read the book, too, and I will read it again, and again…

Seth did not promise too much. Finally, reading the book I was surprised in a good -- a very good -- way.

The book not only gives you real world examples, it gives you guide lines and ideas for tactics that you can use. Every tribe needs to be lead differently. There cannot be a one-fits-all recipe. Overall Tribes is a strong motivator to move ahead and become a leader. (Why not?)

There is nothing to loose, but the opportunity to take action now. This book is a treasure, I highly recommend you read it, and most importantly that you say “YES!” and put the concepts to work for you and for your tribe. Don't worry, your tribe will find you, once you have started to lead.

Now, I could say, “Buy the book now”. But that is not what I say.

I rather say, buy 2 or 3, why not 5 books at once.


Once you have read the book you will want to give it to friends and colleagues to share the experience and knowledge. You want to give it to people who might need it, to people who will make the change.

It might become the most precious gift that you have ever given to anybody. Your friends and colleagues will be thankful for it. Forever.

John W. Furst


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seth godin on :


Thanks John

this means a lot to me


John W. Furst on :



You surprised me again.

I have to thank you! Being part of your Triiibe is a wonderful and worthwhile experience. I am honored.

Thanks for stopping by.

Becky Blanton on :


Your review was RIGHT ON! I read it and agree with everything you've said. It's Seth's best book ever! I think Seth probably put more of his personality and self into this book than any other. Very fast read, but a book that can and should be read over and over to wring all the juice out. Well worth the price of admission!

Ed Welch on :



This is a great review of a great book.

This part is what I liked the best:

"..Leading your tribe might not always be easy, but it is easier than you think. And you will learn so much on your way when leaving the status quo behind. And you will be rewarded.

I don't care in what industry you are working, what education you have,… All you need to do is say, “YES”, say it loud and say it often..."

Very true and very powerful!


Pat Doyle on :


Great review, John! I just finished reading the book myself, and I must say, your review helped me understand the book better.

Jill Anderson on :


Excellent write-up, John. You nailed it -- leading a tribe, not always easy but leading a tribe is how to build a business/brand/product/etc..... Recently, Seth wrote a blog about NOT writing to score readers but rather to write FOR your readers. This is it!! Seth is brilliant and continues to amaze me and surprise me. Why not buy 3 or 5 copies? Absolutely ...this "little book" is the future of "Marketing" ; even though Seth originally tried to tell us on Triiibes that it wasn't a "marketing book". I guess he meant not in a traditional marketing sense. In my opinion, every marketer/business leader/want-to-be business leader must read this book -- or you will be left behind.

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