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Can You Make Money From Ads

making money online We'll have another beautiful day that's probably why I got up at 7am this morning. While I was making myself breakfast, I thought about the question whether ads do work or not.

Honestly I did not think more than a second about my answer. Here it is.
“Yes, of course good ads do work. Great ads work like gangbusters.”

That's my official answer to one of Seth Godin's latest blog posts in which he asked exactly that, Do Ads work?
  • Small and large direct marketing companies know it.
  • Many successful Internet marketers know it.
  • Do you know it?

All you need to do is

  • Know your potential prospects really good.
  • Know where to find them.
  • Create or find an awesome deal for them.
  • Put great ads in front of their face.
    Keep your eyes glued to the metrics and repeat as long as it is profitable.

It's a perfectly scalable process. Of course it;s a craft and an Art at the same time but people are doing it.
“Spend more to make more!”

And that's where many people get off the train so to speak, “We have to cut spending!”

Yeah, you can save till your business is dead.

Or you can learn how to play and succeed in this game

  • What shall I tell you? Either you are ready to increase your income or you are not.
  • Here's something that works.
  • It's awesome.

Help me save your time. This is not for you, if
  • You don't take action.
  • You cannot follow simple instruction.
  • You need a boss to tell you what to do.
  • Your are heavily into, “Well, I have to do my own thing!”
  • You are waiting for your next 3.2% raise from your boss (or that you are being laid off.)
  • You have zero cash.

It's up to you:

John W. Furst

P.S.: Just to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding Yes, this post has been inspired indirectly by Mr. Godin. But it's not endorsed or anything else. He doesn't even know about it. It's just a coincidence.

P.P.S.: I wrote about those folks earlier… Icons like Sir Gary Halbert for example. He did exactly what I am talking about here. Finding out what kind of markets and what kind of ads produce serious money,… and keeping the machine rolling as long as it's profitable or replaced by an even more profitable money machine. That's what that is.

P.P.P.S.: Wanna find out, if it works for you?


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