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New FTC Rules: The Clock Is Ticking

John W. Furst
is asking, “Who Is This Internet Lawyer?”

In previous posts I have written about changes in guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission in the USA which will affect Internet marketing practices effective December 01, 2009. I also mentioned similar legislation for Internet marketers in the EU (European Union).

Of course, I am not a lawyer and what I write or say only reflects my opinion. And as much I like to discuss legal matters on a theoretical basis with business friends late at night sometimes, I really do not like the day to day implications of laws at all. That does not mean that I can ignore them.

We as human society need to bring back to our lives, to our businesses, and especially to politics more:
  • common sense

  • sound sportsmanship

  • and basic ethical values.

That's it.

I am honestly convinced that nobody needs over-regulation as it is happening in the USA and in Europe right now. I have heard rumors on Twitter that it's basically the same in Australia.
(Any voices from Asia? But I know from my stats that I do not have many readers in Asia.)

Politics and laws are supposed to guarantee a healthy framework for society, economy, and culture. Period. Do you hear me? I said framework not prison.

Anyway, since all sorts of regulations are tangent to whatever we do, I suggest to stay informed about those matters, especially if you live your business and probably your personal life in a very public way on the Internet.

Back to business which actually starts as soon as you put an affiliate link on your personal blog or website.

Quite recently I have discovered the website of a real attorney who is specialized in Internet Marketing. I forget if I learned that from his newsletter or his website, but I think he also consults with clients from Europe who serve the US market.

His name is Mike Young.
Just wanted to let you know.
I'm subscribed to his Internet Law And Business Blog (↑) and was just reading his latest post. That's all the relationship I have with him so far.

Do not miss the date. All your websites need to comply till December 01, 2009.
(if you are serving the US market)

John W. Furst


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halloween costume on :


Thank you. It was helpful to reading this. It will help my marketing.

[Note by admin: It was a great pleasure to delete your link. :-) The Nemo costume on your site ... looked great. Too bad that you don't know any better than spamming.]

Sam Roza on :


Wow, So in less than 3 months our websties will start to resemble those late-night commercials where they make outlandish offers and then roll past the screen 35 pages of disclaimers in half a second with the announcer talking in fast-forward?

That complicates things, but I figure it can all be done tactfully and tastefully in the preceding text.

Thanks for the info!

Document Management by Itaz on :


First, now you do have an Asian reader, secondly apropos your grievance with the new regulations that abound and percolate to redeem (sic) our lives, I want to quote with apologies to Bertrand Russell :

"I am compelled to fear that rules and regulations will be used to promote the power of dominant groups rather than to make men happy."

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