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Twitter Sucks Worse Than ADD Plus 5 Bonus Tips

Twitter Tips
The Twitter Whale

Twitter Has ADD

Sorry for the misleading animation to the right. I won't talk about the Twitter whale, Twitter outages, and overcapacity. It's not a real problem. C'mon, Twitter is usually back in a very short time.

What I want to address is the fact that a recent eye tracking survey has revealed what seems to be so obvious anyway.
“Twitter has ADD”

ADD, the attention deficit order. Your response right now might be, "Wait a minute here, Twitter users have attention deficit order, but Twitter?"

You might be right that many tweeples suffer from this syndrome, but let's think about Twitter.

It paints short messages on the screen and before you have read it to the end it pushes the very same message that you are still reading off the screen.

(Don't miss out the 5 tips at the end of the post!)

As I said this study only revealed what is obvious anyway. Look at your Twitter click through stats. Unless you are a Twitter celebrity with fans who retweet your tweets like crazy, you see a spike after your tweet, a few more clicks and … following silence.

Your info is gone.


Some tweeples with a few friends might dig it out again, but that's the exception.

My Tweets Are Disappearing Too

I am trying something new. With me residing in a different timezone than the majority of my readers and followers I got thinking how useful my tweets are for my friends if most of them don't get to see them.

The lifetime of a tweet is very, very short. Too short.

Therefore, just for this day I blog a couple of tips instead of tweeting them. I don't know if I will do it again this way, it's like an experiment.

Here we go.

Todays Internet Tips

And you have the added advantage that you can see the full URL before you click. But you should know me better anyway. I do not tweet, blog, sell, talk about crap.

A lot of effort for just a couple of tips, right? But that way, they remain more visible.

Update: One more tip that I simply can't miss. You are into Wordpress are you?

What do you think?
Leave a comment, will you.

John W. Furst

P.S.: I do not know why but it feels like tomorrow where Saturday.


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Robert on :


Love the animated whale. Where did you get that from?

Light Your Home on :


I saw your twit, I use IE but don't see your sidewiki entry. The rocking whale is cool, I agree.

IJ Styles on :


I don't usually use Twitter because most people there are bots and my tweets are just going pointless. Yeah, twitter sucks.

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