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Marketing Genius Seth Godin's Triiibe Is One Year Today - Happy Anniversary!

Happy First Anniversary Triiibes!

One year ago Seth Godin, well known marketer, best selling author, successful serial entrepreneur with a track record opened the doors to his—by invitation only—online community at “”.
Today I want to thank Seth and each and everyone in the Tribe for inspiration, guidance and some for a new friendship.

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For those who haven't read the book, here are the key points for me.
  • Leadership in marketing is everything.

  • The tribal component and communication between your fans replaces $$$$ advertising.

  • More than ever before you need to supply people with what they want. Not what you have to sell.

  • You can start leading ‘something’ today.

More about Seth Godin, his book and expecially Tribes.

In the meantime you can checkout other anniversary posts (↑).

Update: You MUST check out Bernd CoCreatr's blog post. There you see many Triiibesters in live action as Bernd toured through the USA with his video camera.

→ Happy first anniversary, Triiibes, with video! (↑)

John W. Furst

P.S.: Enjoy the video.


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Marcos on :


Happy Anniversary, Triiibesmate!

John on :


Hey Marcos!

Thanks for stepping by. What a nice day for an anniversary.

Bob Poole on :


Very cool. Thanks for creating it and sharing!

Ed on :


Curious about the video. Waiting...

Tom B on :


John, I painted a mustache on all those monkeys, because I knew you didn't have the time. Thanks for Tribalizing the video.

John W. Furst on :


Hey Tom,

I knew I forgot to do something. Thanks for finishing it up.

Linda on :


Awesome! Thanks for doing the video. It was fun.

seth godin on :


Thanks for everything you've done!


John W. Furst on :


Seth and Friends,

You know, I “love” experimental video challenges and thanks for letting me “cut off” your heads. :-)

Triiibes on everybody

dentists kent on :


Today spelling out Happy Anniversary in a rainbow of colors and designs.

Jill Anderson on :


Fabulous Job John! Your video just keeps getting longer and I can't find our faces anymore --- all the better.

A.K on :


Great Idea.

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