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Do You Want Jack Nicholson As Customer? [Video]

Did you ever run out of patience when dealing with an employee in a store?

+ I certainly did.
+ My wife did.
+ Even my mother who is a more shy person did…
+ And I bet you did too.

When I saw the following video I could relate to it right away. The list of incidents where companies missed out on an opportunity which I could write up is long.

Did you notice I do not automatically associate the employee for the failure. It's the boss' fault.

+ Product / Service is not a market match
+ Bad policies and procedures
+ Insufficient training for the employees
+ Hired the wrong person for that job

This video brings a bad customer to waitress (in that case) match on display.

Bad Customer Experience

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So what do you think?

+ Could you handle Jack Nicholson as customer?
+ Is your staff prepared?
+ Any other comments…?

Leave your comment, now.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Anybody knows the name of that movie?

My Sanctuary - No Marketing, No Business Allowed

John W. Furst

Do you have a place where it's easy for you to let loose and to forget about everything when you are there?

I am sure that you have such a place where you feel perfectly comfortable.

One of my favorite places — at least — during the day is going down to the Ocean and watch and listen to the waves. It's so relaxing and rejuvenating.

I have other places, too. But for now lets stick with one only.

And I thought I share and give you some of this experience, too. I have a relationship to the Ocean that reminds me on this great quote:

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.”
--Zig Ziglar

No Business Allowed, Marketing Not Welcome

Just lean back, make yourself comfortable, watch and listen to this short video.

No action, no … nothing.

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Relax Now!

Enjoy and relax.

John W. Furst

P.S.: In case you wonder why I am not blogging a lot right now. Summertime! The great news on the Canaries are the warm, but moderate temperatures. I never had more than have 28 ℃ (82 ℉) at home or in the office so far. This without air conditioning of course. Seems like I have picked the perfect spot. (There are some regions here with higher temperatures on the islands, too. No need to freeze if you are cold blooded.)

[MUST SEE] this is the best pitch I've ever seen!

Is this the best Pitch Ever?

No matter if you have attended the webinar I recommended, you MUST SEE this sales video. (And you want to take notes.)

Most likely I was not the only one who has sent you emails about Perry Belcher's course. You likely will ask yourself...


In all honesty I have not seen the course myself, but …
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How To Promote Your Business With *Stardust*

I am not sure if there is anything wrong with me, but it seems I cannot stop making videos. Here's another one about Rick Butts and his ultimate training for gaining your unique *Stardust Factor*.

Enjoy the video

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John W. Furst for E-biz Booster Blog

My special effects get better and better.

You can read my short review below or you can get Stardust now.

A quick review

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Upgrade Your Marketing - Rick Butts Is The Real Deal

Update, April 2011: StardustFactor is no longer available.

I still hear the applause echoing on the Web after Rick Butt's first StardustFactor Workshop.

That's what I have to say about Rick Butts:

I was on the on the call myself and I can tell you, it's great, solid information, and … as always with Rick, it has been fun, too.

I am already doing a couple of things Rick taught me in that one call. To be honest … it's too early to report back dramatic results, but he got me going and that's the big road block for most people. Right?

Rick gives you a big kick in … and gets you moving.

Anyway: The replay of this first call is already available and on-line.

In case you haven't heard about the StardustFactor before:

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More Time For The Fun Parts In Life - Easy Time Management

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As I promised in the video. Here's my FREE report.
  • Easy Time Management
    18 pages without fluff, 208 KiBytes
    (click with the right/secondary mouse button on the link above and choose, “Save Target As…”) The report was directly available during Darren's Twitter Marathon. It is still available for my subscribers.

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Have a nice day, and please, don't forget to tweet the video (click on the banner below the video).

John W. Furst

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PPS. Thanks to @darrenmonroe and his 24 hour Twitter marathon #24hrtwittermarathon.