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Sick Of Recession Talk? Seth Godin About Big Small Businesses

Seth Godin drinking his own marketing medicine
Seth Godin, “Are You Boring?”

Personally I am so sick of all this recession talk. It's everywhere. Now I am reading 50 job applicants for each job opening in the United Kingdom. That number by itself doesn't say anything. I don't get it why mass media always distorts reality and makes it appear more negative than it is. People should stop buying into this “negativity reporting”.

Need some positive news?

It has been historically proved that a recession is actually a good time to start off a new business. I know that self-employment or being an employer is not for everyone,... That's true. But if you have it in your veins t work for yourself than you'll appreciate the following interview with Seth Godin.

Even if you are working as employee you can get some take aways from this interview and help change the organization you are involved with for the better. Many businesses are on the wrong track without even knowing it.

You do not want to miss this interview.
See what's inside.

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Email Stats - Free Versus Help For Johnny Bunko's Career

Daniel Pink
Daniel H. Pink

Now it's offical: “Stay Hungry” has been chosen as the best career advice for lesson 7 of Daniel Pink's book The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need .

Becky Blanton wins with “Stay Hungry”
It was a land-slide victory for Becky Blanton. She says,
“I'm going to TED, but those whose stories are told on the blog at are going with me. In the coming months the blog will be redesigned in order to highlight and showcase those people who are both ‘Staying hungry’ AND ‘Saying Thanks’ as Ed Brenegar and I team up to spread OUR ideas.

In July I'll be blogging and vlogging about TED on that site as well.

My dream is that my win will bring more traffic, attention and help to ALL of you who are not only staying hungry and saying thanks, but are giving back and leaving an imprint in this world. With nearly 5,000 votes cast - the stories and efforts of many charities are getting out. Thank you […]”

Thanks to those of your who have supported my call for help. I know you are many. That brings me to the second part of this blog post.

“Help” versus “Free” -Email Statistics Compared

(and the essence of a good speech - a video with author Daniel H. Pink)

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Can You Make Money From Ads

making money online We'll have another beautiful day that's probably why I got up at 7am this morning. While I was making myself breakfast, I thought about the question whether ads do work or not.

Honestly I did not think more than a second about my answer. Here it is.
“Yes, of course good ads do work. Great ads work like gangbusters.”

That's my official answer to one of Seth Godin's latest blog posts in which he asked exactly that, Do Ads work?
  • Small and large direct marketing companies know it.
  • Many successful Internet marketers know it.
  • Do you know it?

All you need to do is

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Twitter Nonsense

Twitter MarketingWhile Seth Godin writes about brands, meatballs and social media (↑) today, I was wondering about having seen so much nonsense on twitter.

Did you notice the race for followers on Twitter?
“How many do you have?
I got 34 new followers last hour alone […]”

Some people are crazy with their I follow you back strategy. All they do is brag with their stats. I think this is useless.

That makes them followers, sheep-walkers.

Isn't it the quality of contacts what really counts?

Following 4,567 randomly chosen people is nonsense. And being followed by 2,456 doesn't mean anything, if those people don't care about what you have to say.

What should a leader do?

Probably connect with other leaders and communicate with them. When you constantly tweet content that matters to some people, they will find you and follow you naturally.

That said, the profile of a leader looks more like this.
Following 49
Followed by 1,456

Update: I just received an interesting questions.
“You don't think leaders should be listening to their tribes?”

Here is my answer:

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Tribes - Questions And Answers (QA)

Tribes - Questions And Answers
An Awesome Free E-Book

It's official!

Seth Godin has just announced and published the second e-book created by his online community -- his Triiibe.

It's free!

It's a collection of questions and answers about the concept of tribes, the history of tribes, tribes in business, tribes in every day life,…

If we have left something out. Let us know. Leave a comment here on the blog.

Yes, I can say “we”. I am one of the many contributors.

Maybe the Polish former president Lech Wałęsa will call me up and say, “Dziękuję” (Polish, English: Thank you), because I am responsible for getting his name into the e-book. Lech Wałęsa was an ordinary electrician before he became the tribe leader of Solidarność (Solidarity), the first independent union in formerly communistic Poland.

Tribes work in politics and they work in business and other areas. It's based on human nature.

Do you want to know how?

Then download the Tribes - Q&A E-book. It's free. Seth wrote,
“Not only is there a juicy insight on every page, but I'm comfortable saying it's the best designed PDF I've ever seen, worth making into a template for your next project.“
--Seth Godin

Do you have additional questions?

Then drop me a note or a comment here on the blog and I will try to get you an answer. I have the power of Triiibes backing me up.

Personally I am most interested in application of the tribes concept for marketing and business.

If your question fits these categories, there's a better chance I'll do find answers for you. However, no promises here. (If you want to give me a bribe for increasing your chances, go ahead. There is a “Buy me a coffee“ link below this post. But I warn you! I need at least 3 cups of coffee a day. …get the hint?)

Now download the e-book.

A couple of weeks ago, I have written a review about the book Tribes, and I have linked to the case-study e-book. You might want to check it out. You also can buy the book Tribes from there. If you haven't already.


John W. Furst

Tribes - A Review by John W. Furst

Tribes by Seth Godin
John with Tribes - The Book
It is Saturday, October 25th, 2008. A special day. Today I have started and finished reading Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us written by Seth Godin. That's why it is a special day.

The book is dense

While reading, you feel the huge amount of observation, deep thought, and the tedious work that Seth Godin condensed into this little, tiny book.

The book might be tiny in format, but like the matter of a neutron star, it's heavy. Really heavy stuff that weighs a lot more than you probably can imagine.

No, no, wait!

I don't want to scare you away. It's fun to read this book, and it's a quick read, too. What Seth wrote sticks.

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